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Trey Rust


In the vast panorama of tech innovators, the name Trey Rust shines brightly. With a career spanning over two decades, Trey has not only witnessed the evolution of technology and communications but has been an instrumental figure in shaping its trajectory.


Commencing his tech journey in 1998, Trey began by delving into the realms of online fundraising for politics and nonprofits. This initial foray provided him with an in-depth understanding of digital tools and their transformative potential. His subsequent tenure with a Washington DC firm amplified this expertise, as he immersed himself in the nexus of trade associations and their memberships, getting a firsthand experience of fostering connections at a national scale.


Trey's professional journey took another significant turn with Blackbaud, the world's leading nonprofit tech provider. As a key member of their internet team, he acquired a holistic view of digital strategies for expansive organizations. A subsequent role at Darkness to Light further honed his skills, emphasizing the critical importance of technology in addressing pressing societal issues.


However, it was at Booz Island Hamilton that Trey's communications expertise truly blossomed. With the tech marketing landscape still nascent in 2013, he discerned a palpable gap. Through interactions with business owners, he recognized the absence of a unified solution that could seamlessly distribute content across multiple channels, providing integrated data insights. This realization culminated in an innovative breakthrough in May 2020: a 14-claim patent that revolutionized content distribution across varied platforms. In essence, Trey had successfully patented the synchronous posting of content on social media, emails, and texts. Recognizing the monumental potential of this intellectual property, he ventured into entrepreneurship, laying the foundation for CrowdReach LLC.


By Spring 2023, under Trey's vigilant leadership, CrowdReach unveiled its prototype. Operating under the brand name Pollen, this avant-garde app is poised to redefine marketing communications, offering an unparalleled toolkit for social media marketing, advertising, and communications. With its imminent launch in Q3 2023, the tech world waits with bated breath for what promises to be a game-changer. Yet, Trey's vision doesn't end here. He is concurrently nurturing 'Beehive,' an innovative venture that melds the dynamism of a social media channel with the precision of a data app.


The strategic segregation of CrowdReach Holdings Inc. and Pollen LLC underscores Trey's astute business acumen. While CrowdReach Holdings Inc. safeguards the invaluable intellectual property, Pollen LLC focuses on the consumer interface, aiming to simplify and optimize the user experience. As president of CrowdReach LLC, Trey's pivotal role encompasses liaising with the board of directors, ensuring seamless licensing between CrowdReach and Pollen, and safeguarding the patent's integrity.


Trey's illustrious educational background further accentuates his prowess. An alumnus of the prestigious Lawrence Hill School in Princeton, NJ, and Davidson College in North Carolina, his educational journey has been instrumental in shaping his world view and honing his skills.


Trey Rust is not just a tech visionary; he is a beacon for the future of integrated marketing. His ventures promise to recalibrate the dynamics of digital communication, offering businesses and consumers alike an experience that's seamless, intuitive, and impactful. In Trey, the tech world has not just a leader, but a trailblazer charting the course for the next frontier in digital innovation.


We spoke with Trey to learn more about what makes the Pollen app unique and the achievements that have underscored his prominent position in CrowdReach. 


Trey, what separates you or makes you unique in the tech world?


What truly sets me apart is our holistic approach towards security, privacy, and user experience. We are intensely dedicated to ensuring that our users can forge one-on-one relationships with technology, which has often been a missed opportunity in the past. Our driving goal is to cater to a broad spectrum, from individuals who simply want to share personal stories with loved ones, to expansive marketing companies with a narrative that drives their revenue. At the heart of our value proposition is the commitment to time efficiency and simplifying workflows, ensuring our product is as intuitive as it is powerful.


Could you shed light on your greatest professional accomplishments?


Without a doubt, being awarded and authoring a patent stands as my crowning achievement. It's not just a testament to innovation but is the very foundation that has kept me grounded in this industry. The patent is symbolic of perseverance, vision, and the ability to transform an idea into tangible reality. Furthermore, navigating the tumultuous waters of the tech industry for a quarter-century and still having the drive, passion, and the capability to contribute and elevate others is an accomplishment I hold dear. My longevity in this industry speaks volumes about resilience, adaptability, and continuous learning.


What fuels your passion and what do you enjoy most about your work?


At its core, it's the people. I'm surrounded by an exceptional team of driven, compassionate individuals who are the backbone of our company. Their belief in the vision and their relentless drive not only brings our shared dream to life, but constantly pushes me to elevate my game. Every day, they're a testament to the adage that with the right people, anything is possible. It's this human connection, the shared journey towards innovation, and the mutual drive to make a difference that truly ignites my passion.


Trey Rust
Founder and President of Pollen LLC
Co-Founder and CEO of CrowdReach Holdings Inc.
Facebook: Trey Rust
Instagram: @ TreyRust1

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