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Why did you choose the name Revolution Enterprises? What type of statement were you trying to make about your company and the industry you serve?

Our goal and mission is to advance cannabinoid science. We strive to push the pace of genetic research and lead the cannabis revolution through the innovation of consistently formulated, highest-quality, lab-tested, consumer driven products.

Revolution Enterprises operates a smart, technologically-advanced facility that is designed to produce pure, consistent cannabis medicines and products in emerging and reliable forms and delivery methods. Driven by scientific advancement and the latest research in the cannabis industry, our state-of-the-art laboratory allows for in-house testing and analytics, enhancing our ability to produce the most advanced cannabis products on an industrial scale.  

Our Company and our brands stand for uncompromising research-driven quality, focus on consumer needs, compassion and social justice. We make every effort to continue to educate all stakeholders about the benefits of the cannabis plants and to lead the industry in terms of disciplined, scalable and compliant operating procedures.  

In this newly emerging and newly legal industry, how and why is Revolution Enterprises setting the standard?

We strive to forge long-term relationships with our industry stakeholders: consumers, employees, local communities, investors, as well as lawmakers and regulators to ensure best practices are implemented at every stage of development. With over ten years of experience in highly-regulated legal markets, we have the expertise to ensure our stakeholders are successful.

Revolution was one of the original recipients of two out of a total of 21 cultivation/processing licenses that were granted in the state of Illinois for the medical cannabis program.  In November 2015, we were one of the first of four cultivators in this market when the initial program was launched. Revolution Enterprises comprises a large and measurable market share in the Illinois medical cannabis market. We have products ranging from smokable flower and derivatives to edibles in all operational dispensaries in the state. We also operate one retail dispensary in Illinois, with a second dispensary to come online in Maryland later this year. Our national expansion plans are well under way and will further establish Revolution's reputation as a reliable and top-notch cannabis cultivator, purveyor and leading dispensary operator.

From the inception of our business, we have built our platform to be scalable and replicable, allowing us to expand easily from state to state, bringing our quality products to market. Our entire team of dedicated professionals brings experience, expertise, passion, creativity and adaptability to work every day. We make it a priority to properly train and educate our employees with the most up to date research, status of state and national legislation, compliance and market-driven data so that we operate each division properly.

How is your business structured?  What are the different divisions of the cannabis industry that you cultivate and serve?

Revolution focuses on cannabinoid research and development which has enabled us to develop innovative extraction, purification, and formulation methods. Our continued investment in science and research positions the company to develop cutting-edge technologies and solutions that transform the industry landscape. This is the core focus of the Revolution Enterprises.


Additionally, our Revolution Joint Ventures unit focuses on created joint ventures with other licensed operators and business groups that result in strategic partnership where we provide managed services and various IP and brand licensing opportunities. We also recently launched a Revolution Wellness line of business that will focus on various consumer packaged goods markets, in particular CBD-centric wellness products for both humans and pets. Lastly, we are developing a separate strategy that intends to capture the opportunity set created by the industrial applications of hemp.

Can you explain some of the cannabis products that Revolution produces?

It all starts with genetics. What and how you grow will determine the ultimate end product, either as traditional flower (smokable) product or as derivative (oil extract) based products. Our experts in cultivation and lab extraction allow us to create a comprehensive product line including, but not limited to:

Genetic Breeding Program 

We "breed" and cultivate proprietary strains of cannabis, continually striving to create new varietals with beneficial and proven efficacy based on chemical profiles. We bring proprietary genetics to market, such as Key Lime Remedy and Blackberry Web.  All are packaged in a high-grade food compliant packaging, they are child resistant, and labeled with independent tested cannabinoid and terpene profiles for the benefit and education for the end consumer. 

Flower Products

Our traditional flower products (aka smokable cannabis) are cultivated to meet the standards of the most discerning, high end consumers, at an available price point.  Over 150 Revolution products are processed using third party lab-tested methods to validate efficacy. Our products are 100% pesticide free, and all plants are hand trimmed versus machine harvested, thus appealing to a high-end user. Strains are consistent and we ensure that each strain released conforms to expectations for that specific varietal.


The cannabis market is no longer dominated by the flower/smokable product.  Extracts which includes vapes, edible, butters, etc. are growing in popularity.  We feel that due to high demand (because of private consumption and medical reasons) the growth pace of extracts will surpass the flower demand in the future.


Revolution prides itself on growing the best unique strains of cannabis in its pharmaceutical grade facility. Aside from the core value of cultivating the highest quality flower inputs, formulations used for cannabis derivatives are equally important to providing the best  medicinal  products  for patients. Whether the delivery method is edible products or vaporized/smokable  extracts,  Revolution formulations are a source of pride and a market recognized core competency. Our vaporized product line includes flavored  choices for everyday use, and strain specific vape cartridges where the original strain’s  cannabinoid and  terpene profile is true to the strain input. Our edible line  uses  nano-technologically encapsulated  innovations for more  consistent and quicker absorption in patient ingestion. Our well received and popular syrup extract, our Surp brand, that can be added to cold or hot beverages for another unique delivery method. And we have created a new powder mixture for hot chocolate as a new way of enjoying our products. The highest quality food inputs along with the highest quality cannabis is the basis our for our formulation research and production process. 


The 2018 Farm Bill allows the legalization of hemp.  Hemp has the potential to revolutionize the U.S farming economy while disrupting many traditional industries. It can be used in the production of over 25,000 different products and has replaced other products that were previously made of plastic, wood and concrete. By example, BMW, Mercedes, and other car makers have used hemp to replace plastic in automobile door panels.  It is lighter, cheaper and more rigid than plastic and is certainly more sustainable.  The building industry has also changed; fiber board can be made out of hemp and it more durable, waterproof and cheaper that traditional wall board. Hemp biomass holds the potential to compete with traditional wood in pulp and paper applications as production of this wonder crop increases globally. Currently the bulk of US hemp is produced for flower which is either smoked or extracted for cannabidiol (CBD) which is proven to hold many beneficial medicinal properties. The future of US hemp is extremely bright as the infrastructure and supply chains around this market evolves. Revolution is leading the industry and intends to be on the forefront of this movement.

What makes your business a success?

Dedication to quality throughout the entire value chain. Incorporating proprietary strains, to unique combinations of terpenes, to multiple delivery methods, ensures that we are able to reach as many consumers of our products as possible. Our mission is to innovate and formulate the cannabis products of tomorrow and this can only be accomplished with a strong and committed team of strategists and professionals. Our executive team is made up of financial, scientific, artistic, marketing, business development and operations experts. Integrity permeates everything we do. Our successful products are the result of an intersection of passion, science, finance, marketing, quality and sharp consumer-oriented branding.

Revolution Enterprises

William T. Murray III (Tripp): Chief Financial Officer (tmurray@revolutioncannabisco.com   |  Cell: 917-561-5026)

Oleg Movchan: Chief Strategy Officer and Deputy CEO

Dusty Shroyer: Chief Operating Officer
Kevin Pilarski: Chief Commercial Officer
Mark de Souza: Chief Executive Officer

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