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Trisha Morales Padia 

Trisha Morales Padia, a legal luminary in her own right, is the driving force behind Morales Padia Law. An astute owner and attorney, her journey is a testament to her adaptability and her unwavering commitment to serving her community.


With a foundation in family and criminal law, Trisha delved into the intricacies of probate in 2017. Witnessing the aftermath of inadequate planning following the passing of loved ones, she recognized the imperative of proactive measures and shifted her focus to estate planning. The shift in her practice resonated deeply with Trisha. Contrasting her earlier ventures in family and criminal law, where the court system often necessitated reactive measures, estate planning allowed her to be proactive. "I enjoy getting in front of people and giving them information," she notes. Her proudest achievement lies in her decade-long service to San Antonio families, proficiently adapting to the evolving needs of her community.


Morales Padia Law, a beacon of legal guidance, spans family law, probate, and estate planning. Serving San Antonio and its neighboring counties since 2013, the firm holds a steadfast commitment to empowering clients with informed decisions. Trisha has fostered enduring relationships with thousands of clients, exemplifying the firm's ethos of not being mere document providers, but relational partners. Their approach transcends transactional exchanges, with a commitment to walk alongside clients through various life stages, adapting estate plans as situations evolve.


Trisha's legacy is one of dedication and innovation. As she navigates the legal landscape, her enduring impact is defined by the lasting relationships she fosters and her unwavering resolve to provide her community with comprehensive legal solutions that stand the test of time.


Trisha Morales Padia
Morales Padia Law


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