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Troy appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Troy Ross


Troy Ross has been at the forefront of the evolution of the iGaming industry in Canada. He is the president and founder of TRM Public Affairs. Troy works exclusively with the gaming industry to educate elected officials, public servants, and regulators to maximize the opportunities and benefits of the regulated gambling sector. While most of TRM’s work relates to online gaming, also known as iGaming, their clients also include terrestrial casinos and charitable gaming. TRM provides public affairs, lobbying, and government relations advisory services for private-sector gaming operators, with specialized counsel for online- and land-based gaming, beverage alcohol, and other complex public policy issues and regulated sectors. 

Troy’s work draws on 30 years of experience at the intersection of politics, gaming, and regulation in Canada, including leading the country’s first national public affairs and communications practice specializing in the gaming industry. He played an integral role in the advocacy efforts to establish the legal private market for online gaming in Ontario. Today, 40 companies are licensed and operating 67 gaming websites in Ontario, one year after the launch of the first-ever iGaming regulatory regime in Canada. From these private-sector gaming sites, the provincial government has collected unprecedented tax revenue—a staggering $30 million per month for the Ontario’s treasury. “The Ontario model has been a great success, and I was pleased to play a role in the lobby to create it,” Troy says. “Much of the credit belongs to the Minister of Finance, the Ontario Attorney General, and the staff at the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario and their sister agency, iGaming Ontario for their vision and commitment to making it happen.” On the heels of Ontario’s considerable success with iGaming, the online sector is now eager to begin those conversations with other Canadian jurisdictions. 

Troy sees the implementation of regulated iGaming as benefiting everyone, from the governments pulling in increased tax revenue to gaming entrepreneurs and society at large. “We’re creating more choice for players by introducing strong, responsible gaming standards across the province and channeling iGaming play into properly regulated environments and safe, approved, above-board venues that everyone can enjoy,” Troy says.

Troy is the recipient of Canada’s Lawyer Monthly Legal Award 2022 for Public Affairs & Government Relations.

Troy Ross

President & Founder — TRM Public Affairs



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