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Tyler appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Tyler Badinski


Growing up on a farm, Tyler Badinski learned the lay of the land—literally. He also learned the value of hard work and integrity. Now, as the founder of Serca Realty and Serca Consulting, Tyler leverages the knowledge and expertise gleaned from his own personal experience to help others make the most informed decisions possible. Offering a distinctively different approach to selling agricultural real estate, Serca Realty remains steadfast in its focus on client plans and succession. “We really put special emphasis on ensuring our clients have a plan in place to preserve that wealth and family legacy before the sale, which is important,” he states. Specializing in agriculture sales of land, equipment, and infrastructure, the organization is able to conduct various sale types from asset sales to sales of existing companies. Its sister company, Serca Consulting, has ownership in a debt restructuring firm that helps farms and companies consolidate debt to help businesses get back on track and stay operational. Based out of Melfort, both companies service the whole province and boast business partners in Saskatoon, Birch Hills, and Regina.


With a vast history in and knowledge of the agricultural industry coupled with an intricate understanding of the financial system, Tyler and his team provide clients with specialized connections that provide assistance every step of the way. “Instead of rushing in to just get a deal done and sell the land, we put clients in front of tax lawyers, accountants, and financial planners,” he states. “For us, it’s about doing anything we can to help.” Prior to launching his latest ventures, Tyler worked as an account manager at Canadian-based Cervus Equipment, where, for nine years, he helped clients with large agricultural equipment purchases. He’s since helmed a pair of thriving organizations that have garnered a reputation for caring about clients and delivering on promises. “Being able to help others, especially the clients and farmers who’ve gone through some of the same things our family went through over the years, has really brought it full circle for me,” he shares. “We faced a lot of challenges along the way, and it’s incredibly rewarding to now be in a position to help others.”


Tyler is licensed in real estate and holds a broker title.


Tyler Badinski

Owner & Broker — Serca Realty



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