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Tyler Dooley

When Tyler Dooley needed a pick-me-up, he found himself at a loss. He wasn’t a coffee drinker, and all the coffee alternatives he could find were loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. “I wanted something that gave me an energy boost without the junk,” he says. The obvious solution to someone with a lifelong entrepreneurial streak? Create your own! Tyler founded Wake Up Water – a healthy, alternative way for people to get their daily caffeine. As someone dedicated to a healthy lifestyle himself, Tyler wanted to share his “Better Fuel, Better You,” vision with everyone. “When I see people consuming a lot of poor-quality food, I want to change that,” he says. “I want to provide a product that benefits people and allows them to live a healthy lifestyle, while still tasting amazing.”


Wake Up Water has roughly the same caffeine as a medium cup of coffee, electrolyte levels of the leading sports drink, and 100% of your daily value of vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12, which provide extra, sustained energy throughout the day. The combination of energy and hydration make it the perfect pick-me-up. “We took the caffeine concept and blended it with the hydration element to create a truly unique product,” Tyler says, “something that energizes you while also hydrating you. We don’t claim to be healthy and then hide artificial ingredients from customers, we truly are a better option.” Tyler encourages everyone to read the ingredient lists of the products they purchase.


Wake Up Water was formulated and bottled as a ready-to-drink item when it hit shelves. But just four months later, despite great initial success, they would have to rethink everything when COVID-19 swept through the world. Tyler realized that with people staying home and out of stores, he would need a better way to get the product into people’s hands. In just a few months, he realized that Wake Up Water could exist—without the water. In April 2021, he debuted a powdered version in stick packs, which were easy to ship team and convenient for customers, who could add their own water as needed. “We had to pivot and start from zero again, but I viewed it as a great opportunity,” he says. That pivot was a challenge, requiring the reimagining of not only the product, but the packaging and marketing. But in a true testament of “fortunate favors the bold,” Tyler came out the other side with an even more popular product and promising business model.


Creating Wake Up Water and keeping it going even through a global crisis has been an impressive accomplishment. Tyler, who, just like wanting to reinvent starting the day, also wanted to reinvent what a successful career looked like after deciding that “traditional” career paths weren’t for him. He wanted to forge his own path and create something beneficial for others. And to that end, he wants to share even more. In addition to providing healthy products to consumers, he’s excited to share his experience and expertise with those looking to build their own business and career, and help other people achieve their lifelong dreams through advisory and mentorship.



Tyler Dooley

Founder & CEO — Wake Up Water

Website: www.Drinkwakeupwater.com  

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tyler-dooley-a62317125

Facebook: Wake Up Water; Tyler Dooley

Instagram: @WakeUpWater; @TylerDooley_