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Tyler Silverthorn, CFP

As an associate wealth advisor with Stonebridge Financial Partners, LLC, Tyler Silverthorn has a novel approach to working with clients. He believes that each client has their own unique definition of “wealth.” He works in a close, collaborative manner with each client to understand what this means to them and how it factors into their lives so that he can help them determine their goals and design a plan to achieve them. Selected as one of Forbes Top Next-Generation Wealth Advisors in 2018 and one of Forbes Best in State Next-Generation Wealth Advisors in 2019, his strategy has proved successful for both Tyler and his clients.

Founded in 2004, Michigan-based Stonebridge is an independent wealth management firm that focuses on financial planning and becoming a valuable partner in navigating their financial lives.  At Stonebridge, Tyler is surrounded by a like-minded team. “We all work collaboratively within the firm as well as with the client,” he explains. “The firm has multiple people working together on client financial plans to ensure no opportunity is overlooked, and we ensure that we’re putting together the best recommendations for our clients.”

Tyler joined Stonebridge in 2015 with a decade of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to this, he spent nearly four years in roles as associate wealth manager and wealth manager with CIG Capital Advisors, where he specialized in working primarily with doctors and small business owners. Since joining Stonebridge, he has broadened his client base to focus on financial or wealth planning for families and individuals.


As a financial advisor whose focus is centered around a collaborative relationship with his clients, Tyler found Stonebridge to be a perfect match. “The company’s approach is unique and it aligns with my own in terms of the way in which we interact with clients,” Tyler shares. “They really try to understand their clients, their personalities, and thought processes, and they aren’t afraid of hard conversations so that we understand any potential blocks that might prevent clients from achieving their goals. We extract what those blocks could be and we put together a plan to sidestep those obstacles.”


Tyler Silverthorn, CFP

Associate Wealth Advisor — Stonebridge Financial Partners, LLC


31000 Telegraph Rd., Suite 200

Bingham Farms, MI 48025

LinkedIn: Tyler Silverthorn

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