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Tyler Wilton

As vice president of the Liquid Real Assets (“LRA”) team, a buy-side asset management platform within DWS Group, Tyler Wilton wears several hats to fulfill this unique position as a research and strategy leader, supported by nearly 14 years of relevant experience. On the buy-side, traditional career paths are portfolio manager or analyst. Tyler’s distinguished role is essentially a hybrid between portfolio manager and analyst, requiring a multi-faceted and adaptable skill set. An important aspect of his role is to create and communicate thought provoking research and content for various audiences, such as pension plans, financial institutions, advisors, or sovereign wealth funds, for example. As a decision maker within the portfolio management team, Tyler looks to identify opportunities, address client needs, support strategic initiatives, and monitor market trends. 


The LRA portfolio management team consists of roughly 30 individuals across the globe managing over $25 billion for various investor types, both retail and institutional. The LRA platform is a large portion of the firm’s “Alternatives” division that focuses on “real asset” classes, namely global real estate, infrastructure, natural resources, and commodities. Tyler acts as the team’s expert and primary source of knowledge to drive new business and support sales initiative. He interacts directly with clients, educates sales and client teams on pitching strategies, identifying topical market events, and portfolio analysis for clients to deliver potential solutions. DWS Group is one of the world's leading asset managers with $820 billion assets under management (AUM), with various investment products, such as fixed income, traditional equities, alternatives, and multi-asset strategies. As part of the “Alternatives” division, LRA accounts for roughly 24%.

An expert in the field with roughly 14 years of experience in the financial services industry, Tyler’s role continues to expand. “It’s a unique and fast-paced role that can sometimes be demanding, but there is never a boring day” he says. “My role continues to evolve as the investment landscape changes, but I am more focused on creating content and research to arm our clients and sales teams with actionable intelligence as to how we can construct tailored real asset solutions that meet the unique needs for each individual client portfolio.”

With a natural passion for industry, Tyler did not wade into the shallow waters of a financial services career. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in finance from Central Michigan University in 2006, he leapt with both feet into the deep end as an investment analyst with Chicago-based EnnisKnupp & Associates, a large institutional consulting firm. There he spent almost five years on fixed income and credit market research, to support the firm’s large, complex institutional client base. “Beginning my career at EnnisKnupp was a fantastic window into the world of institutional asset management.” Tyler’s clients included some of the largest institutions with portfolio sizes averaging $500 million. “I was able to see how the whole industry works and all the behind the scenes interactions, between consultants, investors, and asset managers,” he shares. “I think that’s probably the reason I approach everything I do, every client relationship, from a consulting perspective.”

His desire to educate and his unique experience compels Tyler to share the valuable knowledge and insight he has gained with others in the field by publishing a range of articles covering real asset classes, current market trends, economic environments, geopolitical risks, and investment outlooks, for example. Some of these research papers include topics: Real Asset Investing to Combat Inflation, Interest Rates and Global Infrastructure, Why Active Management in Niche Markets, and MLPs: Time to Reconsider Strategic Exposure, among a library of other topics.


Tyler has an accomplished background in the investment management industry, with various quantitative and qualitative skill sets. With a focus on “alternative asset classes”, Tyler utilizes these skills to develop clear actionable analysis, which may include topics such as economic drivers, portfolio positioning, content, investment advisory, and risk management. He has demonstrated passion and dedication as a motivated institutional financial professional, striving to help clients protect and grow their investments. Tyler is a CFA Charterholder and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in finance from Central Michigan University.

Tyler G. Wilton, CFA

Vice President of Liquid Real Assets — DWS Group

Portfolio Analysis & Investment Strategist


222 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 34

Chicago, IL 60606

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tylerwilton

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