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Tzvi Y. Hagler

Tzvi Hagler is a partner and attorney at the Law Office of TY Hagler P.C., a Nassau County law firm specializing exclusively in the full spectrum of family and matrimonial law. For Tzvi, it is not the law that sits at the center of each case, it is the people; the clients he is fiercely devoted to serving. Throughout his decade-long career, this philosophy has driven what he values most—his connections with his clients—as he strives to provide each with individual attention and legal strategies that protect their rights and interests. “This is often an emotional and stressful time in people’s lives, and each case is different and unique - each case is important. We understand this. We handle each case as if it were our only case,” Tzvi explains.

It was Tzvi’s devotion to serving people, and his commitment to using his legal skills and knowledge that drove Tzvi to found the firm in 2011 to specialize in divorce and family law. With this mission as its foundation, he designed a practice that shuns the assembly-line approach to cases and, instead, appreciates the unique circumstances of each of its clients and the need for individualized legal strategies to help them. The firm specializes in high-net-worth cases, contested and uncontested cases, child support, custody, visitation, and modifications of support or custody. Whether clients are facing extraordinarily complex cases or emotional disputes with finances or children, Tzvi and his legal team are always willing to help.

“The law exists to serve people. Our firm is not a factory, churning out case after case using a single one-size-fits-all legal strategy. What drives us is our sincere desire to help. Our representation is tailor-made for each client’s specific situation and my team and I are dedicated to handling each case individually, with extraordinary attention to detail,” Tzvi shares.

Tzvi began his legal career in 2008, after graduating from Maurice A. Dean School of Law at Hofstra University, and has dedicated his entire career to serving clients in family and matrimonial cases. “I became a lawyer because I was always interested in the legal side of things. I was interested in how it affected people’s lives, and I wanted to make sure people understood their rights, and were not being abused by the legal system,” he shares.

Tzvi’s natural ability to connect with his clients is well known among clients and his legal peers, as is his reputation for his mastery of the law, which has helped the firm achieve success in some of the most complex family law cases. He maintains long-term relationships with most of his clients, who return to him for other legal matters and refer their friends and family members. While the practice’s client base continues to swell through referrals from both clients and from outside attorneys, who often refer more complicated cases to the firm, Tzvi remains committed to the values that first drew him to the legal field—his connection with people.

Tzvi Y. Hagler

Attorney at Law — Law Office of TY Hagler P.C.


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