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Van Preston


A seasoned real estate investor and specialist with over two decades of experience in property acquisition and residential redevelopment—and an impressive career that includes innumerable transactions with combined value in the hundreds of millions—Van Preston is the founder of Wealth Enterprises, LLC: Real Estate Investment Portfolios. With locations in both Memphis and Nashville, the boutique real estate firm offers specialized services to clients wishing to build wealth and assets through property acquisition, renovation, and restoration. Herself an investor, Van has amassed a portfolio that includes 14 residential properties in Tennessee and Missouri, two commercial buildings, and three properties in Brazil with a total projected value of $3.3 million. Driven by a passion for the field, Van founded the firm in 2012, where she lends the same real estate savvy and marketing expertise that drives her own success to help her clients achieve their financial goals.

A licensed realtor in both Tennessee and Minnesota for the past 22 years, Van currently is an independent Broker/ agent with Kaizen Realty in Memphis. Van spent part of her career as a lead sales agent with Redfin and ran her own marketing agency in Nashville. She combined her marketing and real estate expertise and launched Wealth Enterprises to focus on helping investors build wealth through real estate investments. Her particular niche is investors, whom she helps with building rental portfolios and with commercial acquisitions, sales, and leases. “I love what I do, so it doesn’t even feel like work. I have many long-time clients whom I continue to work with, as we find new properties to add to their investment portfolios,” Van says.

Van bought her first house at just 20 years old and followed that with flipping her first property for a profit of $10,000. Nine years later, in 2000, at 29 years old, she flipped a mid-century house as a bed and breakfast for a $350,000 windfall. After that, she was addicted to real estate. Her clients have been reaping the benefits of her experience, passion—and fierce negotiation skills—to get the best deals possible ever since.

To find the most suitable properties for her clients, Van and her team frequently travel to view them, and then put together packages of properties within their price range. Van researches the cash flow of the properties, repairs needed, current rent rates, vacancy rates, and projected ROI, and then reviews the options with her clients. “I love finding undervalued properties that will give my clients the greatest potential ROI—this is my sweet spot.” 

Although collecting new properties has been her main thrust, Van has recently been focusing more on the development of her commercial properties, with two renovations ongoing, while continuing to add rental and commercial properties. She’s currently in the process of buying a large, old bank in a tourist town. “It has six stories and will be my most impressive venture to date. I plan to convert it into a boutique hotel with nearly two dozen rooms and a high-end cocktail lounge/restaurant. I also plan to turn one of my Brazil properties into a small boutique hotel or an Airbnb,” she shares.

With all her success, Van keeps an eye on the future, anticipating the needs of her clients and how she can serve them. “Since Memphis borders Mississippi and Arkansas, I’m frequently asked to help investors there, so I’ll be getting my broker’s licenses in both states soon,” she says.  In 2021, Van also has started a private monthly magazine, 'Central Gardens Living', in her historic neighborhood of Central Gardens in Memphis, a way of giving back and participating in her home community.

As if being the leader of a thriving firm isn’t accomplishment enough, Van is also signed to a record label in the U.K as an award-winning singer and songwriter and runs a small ministry as an ordained minister. “I’ve always enjoyed singing and songwriting and was fortunate enough to headline several festivals and shows across the East Coast and to tour throughout Europe and Australia. However, real estate is how I earn my living—and I absolutely love it!”


Van Preston
Founder and President
Wealth Enterprises, LLC: Real Estate Investment Portfolios Memphis, TN
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