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Vardit Hacmon

If ever someone epitomized the very definition of their name, it is surely Vardit Hacmon. Her last name means “smart” in Hebrew, and that perfectly describes not only her decision to pivot from a 16-year career in retail and sales to real estate in March 2020, when she joined Keller Williams in Honolulu as an agent but the skill she brings to turn her clients’ dreams into realities. “After achieving every goal in my previous career, I wanted to use my skills and experience to do something bigger and help people change their lives.” Today, Vardit serves an ever-growing list of home buyers and sellers born solely from word-of-mouth and referrals and has already earned the Team Member of the Year 2020 award. A graduate of Keller Williams’s Bold and Ignite certification courses, Vardit is on the Honolulu Board of Realtors and is a Military Relocation Professional (MRP) and a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES). 


Vardit’s retail and sales experience was the perfect background for her transition into real estate, especially given her natural talent as a fierce negotiator and her vibrant energy. “It’s about the relationship first and foremost—getting to know people and learning about them, what they want, and then finding that specific product that will improve their lives and make them happy.” Now she uses that same approach to get the best prices for her clients, both buyers and sellers, no matter the market conditions. “I love people, getting to know them, their needs, and helping them find the perfect home or sell their house. It gives me so much satisfaction because I see how happy they are with the entire experience.” Eighteen months ago, Vardit made the life-changing decision to leap into unknown to make an impact in the lives of others. There is no doubt that for people across Honolulu, she is doing exactly that—every single day.  “We were given all the tools that we need; it’s up to us to do something meaningful with them,” she says.


Vardit Hacmon

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