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Many people upgrade or get the latest Car, TV, Smartphone, and many such latest things. But when it comes to their Financial life, they do not upgrade the Financial Solutions. They still depend on the old ones to Win this Money Game, which is not enough in this new age. You also have to consider risks from Market, Tax, Inflation, Mobility, Mortality, and Life as important factors for your Financial Planning.


Vijay Atti is a financial coach and strategist from Houston, TX. He is also an entrepreneur, multi-family apartment investor, and board member for a Patent and IPR company. He started his career as an IT consultant and quickly moved up to leadership roles. All this success at a personal and career level, he retired from the corporate US and now dedicating time to help more families achieve a great financial life. 

Driven by his personal experiences and witnessing people over 65 still working, friends in student debt, and colleagues living paycheck to paycheck knowing their stories made him realize the purpose of life is to help many families with financial education because only education can transform lives," he shares. 

"Without a doubt, we are all playing this money game, every day, till our life ends. Many are not winning, so just like any sport, we need to know the rules, and the skill to play, otherwise, we cannot win! So my team's primary goal is to teach them the rules and the key concepts about how money works and later the skills to play, this will enable them with better financial IQ to make sound financial decisions," Just like our five fingers sizes and fingerprints are different, people’s situations and goals are also different, he explains.

He started S3 Your Financial Future with offices in Pearland and Houston then extended to Chicago, San Jose, and partner offices across the U.S. and Canada. The vision is to make people think about their Financial Wellness and Life, then educating and empowering them about the importance of this money game and how this can help their financial life. S3 Your Financial Future is a financial education and services company with a very unique one-stop-shop concept that covers every financial event of an individual starting from his birth and beyond along with his family.

Vijay built this company on the foundation of education and trust rather than sales and revenues. He loves explaining things through analogies and stories because they are easy to understand and remember. Vijay leads a group of financial experts comprised of CFPs, financial advisors, CPAs, tax consultants, and financial planners. Our teams across the US and Canada offers a wide range of expertise through our Financial Center of Excellence. Some important factors and risks they cover include - college scholarship access, diversifying investments, tax strategies, retirement planning, risk management for life and health, tax-free income utilizing indexing among many. “S3” stands for Safe, Secure, Stress-Free. 

We strive to provide this so they can live a quality life! These are good for everyone including business owners. The firm has approximately close to 150 top solution partners, such as Nationwide, Fidelity, Vanguard, AIG, Transamerica, Athene, Pacific Life, among many others. They offer specialties beyond those of most financial planners or advisors, and unlike their counterparts, their focus is on people, not money. "None of us work on a sales quota” In fact, we have a system which reports how many families you have educated. As a company, we have no sales target as our goal is not to sell but be a value add. We educate and empower through our workshops, webinars, and seminars, he shares.

Vijay draws on a diverse set of skills and knowledge across many businesses, industries, and strategies. This allows his clients the major advantage of seeing their wealth well-diversified across various investment vehicles rather than all investments directly connected to the stock market. From the time we are born until our end, one thing we will always need with us, other than family is money. So unless we understand this life partner (money), chances of having a good financial life are at risk he explains.

He draws an interesting comparison between financial checkups and health checkups. "Just like blood pressure and diabetes, known for being silent and slow killers. They damage the organs of a human. They will not even realize this happening to them," he explains. "Something very similar is happening with many families-they are losing out on this money game by not knowing the rules and strategies, at critical points of their life. A small strategic error without the knowledge and that is silently affecting their financials, big time. If they don't have annual financial checkups done, they will not even realize this until it's too late. 

Vijay has been a guest speaker at many events, the most recent one in Tokyo, sponsored by the Japanese Investment Advisers Association, he shared how helping people achieve financial security will help in building stronger families, schools, and stronger communities, and a great country with less poverty and less crime. Lastly, based on a few criteria 529 college saving plans are not the 1st choice anymore. Contact us, to know why they are not and what replaced them for your child’s college and your retirement because both are very important.

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