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Vince Attisano

Vince Attisano is a serial entrepreneur with an extensive portfolio of successful ventures that spans over two decades. Twenty-five years after opening his first business at just 26 years old, he now stands as a recognized entrepreneurial expert with an impressive record of building profitable businesses from the ground up. Although he is a seasoned executive with over 21 years of experience, Vince is not a corporate suit-and-tie guy, glued to his chair in a corner office. He is an innovative, hands-on leader who uses his experience in all areas of business operations to spearhead initiatives that turn underperforming organizations into thriving businesses.

As the CEO and founder of Elevate Mobility Solutions, Vince is now focusing on his next project. Currently, he is looking for a new business and opportunities to grow, whether through acquisition or through working alongside business owners who want to grow their business. What sets Vince apart from other entrepreneurs is his personal investment in each company. “I treat these businesses as my business,” he shares.

Vince’s entrepreneurial career has taken him across industries spanning from literature to medical to food distribution and beyond—and it all started with a bookstore. In 1995, Vince launched Books By The Beach in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. “That was a great experience and I really enjoyed time in the community and operating a bookstore.” I enjoyed being surrounded by great literature all day but also, it was different and really started my entrepreneurial career,” he shares.

After three years, Vince assumed the role as director of operations for a chiropractic college, where he rebuilt the suffering Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College Bookstore & Supply Centre from scratch. As a visionary change agent, he implemented new initiatives to turn around the dying business—and he shattered expectations. By his second year, he had doubled gross and net profit margins, and by the time he left in 2006, he had led the business to becoming the number one alternative medicine and chiropractic equipment supplier in Canada.

Vince then took his expertise to help Toronto-based Canada Bread Food Service, assuming full control over all operations, including HR, business development strategies, and client relationships. As an owner and operator, Vince doubled its sales by his second year. He also initiated the acquisition of several significant new accounts.

In 2010, with Canada Bread Food Service, now flourishing as a result of his expertise, Vince moved on to his next venture, owner of a mobility and accessibility company. As its owner and operator for over a decade now, he has orchestrated transformational initiatives to build the Newmarket, Ontario, business from the ground up. Through implementing many new initiatives, Vince not only substantially grew the profits of his own business, but in doing so, he became an example that many in the industry now follow.

As Vince now looks for new businesses and opportunities to grow, he shares some insight into his views on building a successful company: “Employees are the backbone of every business. Without a great team, your business is bound to fail. Many entrepreneurs have told me that they are having the same problem of finding employees who want to work. While it’s not difficult to find well-educated and qualified employees, they are finding it very difficult finding candidates who work hard and care about their job. I am a firm believer in hiring people who have the drive to learn and work hard, rather than prospective employees who have all the credentials, but have no work ethic. These employees will lead your company to great success.”


Vince Attisano

Founder and CEO

Elevate Mobility Solutions

1228 Gorham Street, Unit #6

Newmarket ON L3Y 8Z1

LinkedIn: Vince Attisano

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