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Vincent appears in the Top 100
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Vincent Ajaegbu

When Vincent Ajaegbu, 23 years old, was laid off from his civil engineering job of just one week because of the COVID-19 pandemic, he got into real estate investing, something he thought would only be a temporary endeavor. But one year, 53 transactions, and a $2.5 million portfolio later, Vincent now leads the number one land-buying company in Texas that counts among its clients, some of the biggest names in the industry, including D.R. Horton, one of the largest homebuilders in the U.S.


Vincent founded TOT Investments in May 2020 as a full-time real estate investor of single-family residential homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The firm buys large acreages, empty lots, and residential and commercial property in as-is condition, then works with individual home and property owners, homebuilders, investors, and national development companies to create profitable homes that boost markets and areas while generating significant returns on investments. One such example was a Fort Worth property he purchased for $203,000 and just 12 months later, was appraised for $330,000. Whether he’s providing the likes of D.R. Horton with 12 acres for a subdivision, or selling a smaller builder a single plot of land, for Vincent, it’s all about the people. “We form lasting relationships with our clients and get to know their goals and unique needs,” he says. “I’m in all the way.”


So, what’s Vincent’s secret to his meteoric success? For one thing, he’ll never turn down a property, even if it’s in less-than-perfect condition, because he can always see an opportunity. He also closes fast, in as little as three days, and pays in cash, so time is saved without the involvement of banks and others—a huge benefit in a hot real estate market where properties can have contracts on them in a matter of days. And Vincent is backed by a team with more than a decade of experience in the industry who are dedicated to helping both sellers and investors every step of the way. He’s also never afraid of a challenge, something that’s inspired him throughout his education and career. “I’ve always been driven by those people who tell me something can’t be done,” he says. “I like proving those people wrong.”


Vincent’s background might not be real estate in the traditional sense, but his civil engineering degree gives him unique insight into the field—sometimes quite literally. An Army Reserves veteran and ROTC scholarship recipient, he completed his five-year bachelor's degree program at the University of Texas Arlington in a record three years. His extensive knowledge of surveying allows him to identify pieces of land suitable for building projects and guide clients towards the best possible investments. Vincent’s uncommon expertise, coupled with his passion for real estate and people, is what leads his clients to trust him—and return to him time and again. “A lot of older people hold on to dilapidated properties they don’t want anymore, but think they can’t sell,” Vincent says. “That we’re able to help them be free of the properties and help them financially as a result, that’s one thing that I enjoy most about my job.”



Vincent Ajaegbu

CEO & Founder — TOT Investments





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