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Vithu Ramachandran

As managing partner at Ramachandran Law, a Toronto-based firm specializing in family law, real estate, civil litigation, wills and estates, and corporate matters, Vithu Ramachandran leads a practice whose vision is simple—to improve communities around the world. After working as a junior associate for nearly four years at a larger traditional firm, Vithu opened the practice in 2019, to put people at the center of it. With the motto, “We’re not just lawyers, but people too,” the firm is dedicated to bringing humanity back to the service of law. “The humanity in the service was missing, so it was important for me to bring it back. I wanted a more humane approach to serving people with the law rather than the clients dreading the bill—that is not my priority. I wanted it to be more people oriented; a more connected, relationship approach,” he shares.

With his passion for people driving him, Vithu harnesses his ability to solve problems using both traditional and innovative methods to deliver on the firm’s promise to provide excellent results and value to all its stakeholders. He believes in a value-based fee structure, not hourly billing. “Clients should pay for the value of the work they’re receiving, not for the time we spent serving them. This is very important to me,” he explains.

A Canadian native, Vithu’s journey to Ramachandran Law took him from Toronto to New York and back again. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in marketing from York University in Toronto, he moved to New York in 2011 to pursue his law degree at Hofstra University School of Law, where he was awarded the Citation of Excellence in International Law. Prior to graduating in 2014, he worked with the Suffolk County D.A.’s office, where he honed his legal skills by assisting prosecutors with cases. He passed the New York bar that same year, but decided to relinquish his license and return to his roots to serve his Toronto community.

After obtaining is law license in Toronto in 2016, he joined a boutique legal firm, where he handled civil litigation, as well as corporate, real estate, and some family law. While there, he realized two things. First, he really wanted to focus on family, estates, and litigation as his practice areas. Second, he wanted to use his legal skills and knowledge to improve communities—not to pad his own wallet. With Ramachandran Law, he is fulfilling his dream. “My ambition is not based off of a Fortune 500 Company mentality. I never aimed to be super rich. I just truly care about what I do.”

True to his word, the firm accepts legal aid certificates and is part of “Pledge 1%,” giving one percent of its equity, profit, or time to charitable causes for social wellbeing. With a growing client base, and increasing requests for assistance with immigration matters, the firm has plans to expand into immigration law in the near future. “We’ve built a great, positive rapport with our clients. People come to us and ask us to do immigration, so we intend to help them.”

Vithu Ramachandran

Managing Partner — Ramachandran Law

908 – 305 Milner Avenue

Toronto, ON M1B 3V4



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