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Viviane Naddour

As a senior loan advisor, Viviane Naddour is continuously motivated by the real estate and mortgage industry. This is evident based upon her successful twenty-year track record in which has demonstrated not only how much she cares for people but also how far she is willing to go in order to provide superior service to every client. Viviane’s name and reputation mean everything to her, so it does not matter if she is feeling tired or if she is busy; she will always take time to ensure that every job is done right. Her dedication ensures a smooth and professional process.


Currently, Viviane is in a partnership with Groves Capital, based out of San Diego, California. This is a family run, wholesale firm that shares in Viviane's dedication to offering individualized and stellar service.

Viviane also has an extensive background in real estate, providing her with the knowledge needed to create a smooth and professional experience for both her clients and realtors alike. Realtors are grateful to work with Viviane due to the fact that she is sensitive to all the needs that the purchase market requires. Viviane always goes the extra mile for all of her clients and colleagues. As she says, “I have always believed that the only way to take care of my clients is to provide individualized service. Everyone’s situation is different, and I make sure to tailor their experience accordingly.”

Viviane is a valuable source of information for the self-employed individual. She has a large client base that has been denied with other lenders, that she has been able to qualify due to her experience and knowledge. She also works a great deal with high balance and jumbo loans. She is not limited to any one area though. She has been known to do loans for 3 generations of clients within the same family. You see, Viviane is strictly referral based and will often do loans for families and friends of her clients, thanks to the trust they have in her.

Prior to joining Groves Capital, Viviane held several titles in finance and wealth management including senior loan officer, realtor, business banker, and management. Gaining first-hand experience in several different roles gave Viviane a wealth of knowledge and made her true professional in the industry. Throughout her two decades in the field, she has completed numerous seminars and has been presented with multiple leadership awards. Viviane has also held first ranking within most of the companies where she has worked.

In her free time, Viviane enjoys yoga, hiking, writing, and using her certification in life coaching to assist others in achieving their dreams and aspirations. She's also in the process of writing her first book. Stay tuned for that! She also enjoys giving back to the community through charitable works. For instance, she volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and other home building organizations, and she has spent numerous years working with children and teenagers in order to help them realize their worth. Viviane also holds a special interest in assisting American military veterans, thanks to her sister, who founded Veterans Legal Institute.



Viviane Naddour

Senior Loan Advisor, Partner

Groves Capital, San Diego, California




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