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Volodymyr Iatsentyi

Merry & Modern -The name says it all!

It is a purveyor of high quality, new-to-market products, offering an ensemble of gorgeous home accents, tableware, and holiday decor, sourced from around the world. It is the brainchild of Mr. Iatsentyi and embodies his elegant style, extensive travel experiences, and vision for an upscale shopping experience for the discerning consumer.

Mr. Iatsentyi is a visionary person and his success within the retail market is a result of how he envisions his clients, his marketing strategy and the values he holds in life.

Mr. Iatsentyi says, “Retail business, is a complex blend of art and science, and effective shopper engagement requires the thoughtful application of people, processes and product. Today’s consumer is all about customization and efficiency.”

Mr. Iatsentyi believes in doing business based on trust. He says, “Loyalty has a direct impact on revenue, provides your brand with positive word of mouth which is the best form of marketing and an increase in average revenue per client. Converted customers can turn into loyal customers with repeat purchase behaviors, through introduction of new products, product quality, efficient delivery and exceptional service.”

He continues to say, “As customers’ needs evolve, so must our outreach efforts and strategy. The more efficient your operations, the more likely consumers will add you to their network, sharing what works, what’s valuable, and even what’s entertaining. This, in turn, leads to higher conversion rates for you, and ultimately more sales for your business.” 

Mr. Iatsentyi sees himself not just as the founder of Merry & Modern, but as an individual with responsibility over product sourcing, marketing, retail partnerships, and operations. Mr. Iatsentyi believes that a leader must lead by being an example to his team. Most importantly, he continually develops the Merry & Modern brand to ensure it is evolving with market trends. His efforts have been largely successful, as the company name has become synonymous with exquisite taste, while achieving multimillion-dollar revenues.

Just as every great triumph has an inspiring conception, so does Merry & Modern. Its name comes from Mr. Iatsentyi’ s fondest childhood memories, most of which are centered around the festive season in his homeland, Ukraine. He wanted to bring unique holiday decor to Australia, where availability of these products was limited, but at the same time, he wanted to unique, exclusive products that were more refined and upmarket. To that end, Mr. Iatsentyi traveled the globe in search of the right designers who embodied his ideology that “only the best is good enough.” That endeavor resulted in the acquisition of distinctive, limited edition pieces as well as long term relationships with artists from Portugal, Italy, Germany, and France, among others, so that the Merry & Modern catalogue is assured continued growth.

Merry & Modern had grown exponentially, reaching consumers around the world and taking its rightful place among the premier retailers in the industry.



Volodymyr Iatsentyi
Director - Merry & Modern
web: https://www.merryandmodern.com.au
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/volodymyriatsentyi/

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