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Wade Meyer

With nearly 30 years of construction experience, Wade Meyer is a seasoned insurance property loss specialist, with extensive expertise in repairing commercial and institutional structures. As president and founder of Damage Inc., a disaster restoration company specializing in large and complex insurance property losses, Wade recently talked with us about his background and explained how his company utilizes professional construction experience and a technical approach to effectively restore buildings to pre-loss condition with unrivaled speed, and minimize the usage of invasive restorative methods.


Let’s begin with your background. Tell us a bit about your prior work experience.


Before I founded Damage Inc., I had already led a successful career in the insurance restoration industry for over 10 years. I served as senior project manager, handling the largest of insurance claims for the largest of clients including educational, healthcare, commercial, and multi-family. I have completed mitigation and restoration of hundreds of property losses exceeding $150 million, consistently meeting schedule. Prior to insurance related matters, my construction experience includes management of hundreds of commercial and industrial projects around Edmonton, including involvement in dozens of multi-level concrete structures. I’ve also directly managed as a sub-contractor to all the largest general contractors for numerous industrial projects with both union and non-union crews. 


What inspired you to establish Damage Inc.?


I’ve always had a vision to offer an effective delivery with value.  It happens more often than not in this industry that insurance claims flow to managers by default, who may not have the expertise to effectively complete the project, so I have established more of a presence in the industry as a construction professional who specializes in insurance disasters. I wanted to make a positive change by quickly and effectively helping clients overcome any damage to their property, so we emphasize timelines, safety, partnership with professional and competent sub-contractors, and communication. I founded Damage Inc., a company made up of construction professionals who know how to handle special restoration projects and who are determined to mitigate, stabilize, reconstruct, or repair every client’s property promptly and professionally. We want both our clients and their insurers to know that we will be there to not only provide the highest quality property restoration possible, but that we will also be empathetic to the disruption along the way.


Lastly, but most importantly, I am inspired to work extra hard for the sake of my children. I have overcome tremendous barriers in the creation of this company, and what keeps me focused is a desire to do good by them.


What sets Damage Inc. apart from other restoration companies?


A bonded company, our team of technicians and managers are extensively trained in disaster mitigation techniques and have been with me for years handling some of the most complex situations. We utilize a technical approach with a firm understanding of building assemblies, with the most up to date equipment and processes available in the market. By understanding building science and the intricate assemblies, we know how to mitigate claim values with restorative methods, and effectively deliver a product that satisfies the insurers with value, and the clients with timelines and quality.


Our team also specializes in both healthcare and educational work. I have personally completed several significant projects in the education field including two Alberta school divisions that were decimated by floods in 2013 and two complete divisions decimated by wildfires in 2016. I have handled a significant value in healthcare facilities as well, and my staff and I are trained in the CSA standard of infectious controls. This allows us to prevent construction contaminants from cross contamination into vulnerable areas of the facilities. We are also well versed on COVID-19 disinfection processes for our clients’ job sites using electrostatic application equipment and hand processing to ensure an effective result.


Do you focus only on disasters that occurs within established buildings?

No, as general contractors, we take on anything. We do leasehold improvements for clients, new construction, mold and asbestos abatement, renovation, and consulting. I have been called as a professional witness and have reported on processes in legal matters.


Describe the Damage Inc. facility.

Our work facility consists of over 20,000 square feet, which includes office space, storage, process facilities, and manufacturing facilities. One unique feature is our in-house automated millwork plant, where we construct factory made cabinets and commercial millwork for projects needing any required specification. This utility enables us to produce these items in a fraction of the time, versus our competitors using long-lead-time stand-alone plants. Damage Inc. can complete some multi-family projects in 10% of the time it would take our competitors, due to all the reasons mentioned.


Tell us about your ability to mobilize abroad.


A lot of our competitors are franchises, or members of various branded groups. They must follow constrictive territory restrictions and can find themselves in litigation or penalty if not honored. Damage Inc. is solely owned by me, and we have an uncanny ability to mobilize fast, large, and cost effectively. I utilize a network of sub-contractors out of major city centers, minimizing travel related costs. We have files open all over western Canada and will be pushing east soon in our pursuit for national status.


Have you done any work for the government?


Yes, we have done several government jobs. One recent project was for a municipal government, which involved a transit facility that suffered fire damage. We responded promptly and restored it while they remained under operation as a source of public transportation. It was an intense project that kept hundreds of our technicians working 24/7. I received a letter of recommendation from the manager in this case, and this is a prime example of the robust type of work our company handles.


What are some of your other areas of specialty?

We do a lot of work with multifamily clients in both apartments and condominiums. When a property loss occurs in a multifamily unit, the expertise level required is higher than a typical residential claim, in that additional safety codes must be met. These complexities are our specialty.



Wade Meyer


Damage Inc.

5700 125 Avenue NW

Edmonton, Alberta

T5W 5H2


website: www.damage-inc.ca

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/wade-meyer-damage   |   linkedin.com/company/damage-inc

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