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Wayne Tsao understands that innovation, adaptability and a positive attitude are integral to business and professional success.

As CEO and co-founder of ECARD Inc., a leading New York-based, FinTech company, Wayne leads his twenty-person team by such example. 

Recognizing the expense and time-consuming challenges associated with any cross-border payments, Wayne designed a payment solution that takes the hassle out of making one's money work globally, redefining how people bank in the world.

For international travelers, ECARD's advanced, low-fee, "SmartWallet" technology comes in the form of a UnionPay International Card, a globally accepted banking pass and mobile app that eliminates the complexities of payments and adds value to daily purchases. The numerous perks include discounts on Expedia.com and shopping outlets, as well as valuable global rewards!

Under Wayne's leadership, ECARD was selected as a Top 10 Payment and Card Provider for 2018 by Banking CIO Outlook magazine, earning a spot on its cover. Wayne's motto, "Travel Globally, Welcome Locally" serves to motivate his team and drive growth.

Earlier in his career, Wayne gained significant experience in payment methodologies through positions in Fortune 500 remittance and payment companies. 
Bilingual in both English and Chinese, Wayne was born in Asia and grew up in New York, a background that aids him in bridging both cultures and working with people of various cultural backgrounds.

A family man, Wayne enjoys spending time with his child, showing her that life is worth living, as long as you are doing well for yourself and others. 



353 Lexington Avenue, 5F
New York, NY 10016 | 347-382-8808 | 
www.Ecardinc.com | wtsao@ecardinc.com

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