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Wendy appears in the Top 100

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Wendy Lumby

As an Olympic athlete and an Aboriginal woman, Wendy Lumby knows first-hand what it takes to overcome challenges. Through hard work, resilience, and a genuine drive to succeed, she rose to become one the world’s elite athletes, competing as an alpine skier in the 1988 Winter Olympics.


After retiring from sports, Wendy focused her strong work ethic and unique skillset in the entertainment industry and founded Faces of Wendy. Now one of the busiest talent agencies in Alberta, Canada. From Scotland to Budapest and across North America, Wendy has become a catalyst for creating life-changing opportunities. “I decided to start my own talent agency because I knew I could help my clients succeed,” Wendy notes. Her goal has certainly achieved fruition and as a result, she has established a stellar reputation as an agent and career-shaper. Faces of Wendy represents a wide range of performers who work on some of the biggest cinematic and print productions across the globe, including Jumanji, Outlander, and Ghostbusters, to name just a few. In addition to providing actors with the tools and resources necessary to succeed in a highly competitive industry, Wendy has a trusted rapport with casting directors, which results in more placements.


Faces of Wendy is also the only Aboriginal-owned talent agency that Wendy knows of and maintains a unique niche within the industry. “I created my agency to service and represent all people and cultures but when an ethnic performer is needed, especially an Aboriginal actor, my agency is usually the first call,” she explains. “As an Olympian, my strong connection to sports has also made me the ‘go-to agent’ for booking world-class athletes,” she adds.


Although Faces of Wendy is now a world-renowned talent agency, Wendy started her career in entertainment without a name and without any clients. Through hard work, a lot of 17-hour days, and a willingness to go above and beyond, she now represents over 1,000 artists in a vast range of demographics. Wendy connects these talented individuals with opportunities in movies, television shows, print work, voice-over, and commercials. “I love the excitement my clients get when they are selected for a role. Knowing they are taking steps to achieve their life goals and that I am aiding them in their development is important to me. I continually look for ways to support my clients and help them grow. I believe that is why they choose me as their agent,” says Wendy.


Wendy has an equally admirable and interesting personal life. She was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, adopted at an early age by English parents. “My life turned out amazing because of all the opportunities that were given to me and my good fortune prompted a desire to good for others,” Wendy shares. Early on, this altruistic inclination led Wendy toward social services and one of her first career roles was as a registered social worker. Although Wendy was also interested in becoming a police officer, imperfect eyesight kept her from joining the force. Currently, Wendy is a member of the Swan Lake Band in Manitoba and, in recognition of her athletic achievements, she was chosen to run with the Olympic torch in the 2010 Olympics. She was also announced by the government of Canada as an Aboriginal Sports Hero.  



Wendy Lumby

Owner and Operator

Faces of Wendy





Twitter: @FacesofWendy

Download the Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine and check out Wendy's feature on page 106.

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