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Will Arberry


While many businesses around the country and the world closed or slowed down during the pandemic, Will Arberry was able to successfully launch his company, PLC, where he uses his expertise in finance, consumer lending, and investment banking to serve a growing number of clients who are looking to start businesses in a variety of industries. But Will has a special affinity for helping those who have served in uniform. “I work largely with retired veterans who need help with getting their new companies off the ground. In addition to providing business solutions and offering financial advice, I also help these veterans get the full post-benefits they are entitled to,” he says.

Will’s experience in the financial sector is expansive. He obtained a bachelor’s in business management with a focus on finance, which helped him expand his financial literacy that he can pass along to his clients. He has been involved in various facets of the industry, including working in the finance departments of Direct TV and AT&T, State Farm, and Charles Schwab. In each of these roles, he has honed critical new skills, such as underwriting, investment banking, retirement accounts, and mortgage services. “I am in the process of getting licensed to provide insurance to my clients, since I strive to be a one-stop shop for all,” he said. In the future, Will plans to offer even more services all while continuing to spread financial education to others.


Will Arberry

Financial Consultant — PLC



Facebook: Prime Level Consulting

Instagram: Prime Level_365

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