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William Elser

William Elser is the owner and CEO of Adelaide Real Estate, a Houston, Texas-based firm focused on providing real estate products and services, ranging from advisory to full development, tailored to an unrealized segment of the market. Over William’s career, he’s executed and supported nearly a dozen projects totaling approximately 3,300 units and $1.2 billion in total capitalization, responsible for all phases of development, from sourcing the site through disposition of the asset and managing development teams. Today, he leads a thriving company dedicated to providing customizable and innovative real estate solutions for multifamily, condominium, hospitality, and mixed-use developments. Just eighteen months since opening its doors, Adelaide Real Estate already boasts a growing number of clients—three currently, with five more in the pipeline—and an impressive portfolio of projects, including eight projects ongoing across Denver, Seattle, Austin, and Houston, valued at $1.8 billion, and 10 more in the pipeline worth approximately $600 million and growing, including two condos and eight multifamily projects.


As the former head of urban multifamily development for the southwest region of Hines Real Estate for 11 years, in 2018, William brought his extensive experience and knowledge to found Adelaide Real Estate, named in honor of his first daughter, who passed away in infancy. His goal—to fill a niche in the urban market by providing boutique multifamily projects that meet a broad spectrum of household incomes and using his expertise to provide advisory and residential development services. William quickly built a talented, dedicated team with combined experience of 43 years in real estate and nearly four decades in development, and expertise in all phases of real estate, from construction to development to analytics. “From the development aspect, we can help with any part of the development process that any big firm can, but we do it at a fraction of the cost. In addition, we have a well-developed network of partners, allowing us to connect our clients with the right companies to maximize value and minimize risk,” he says.


While 2020 has seen its challenges for developers across the country as a result of the pandemic, Adelaide Real Estate remains as busy as ever. The company is currently handling development and construction management for a condominium and multifamily building in Houston, full development for another multifamily project in Houston, and working in an advisory role for a condo development in Austin. In addition, for one of Adelaide’s largest clients, he helped them build a development company over two years including the commencement of design on four multifamily projects around the country and although it is currently on hold due to COVID, work is expected to continue when the certainty around the impact of the pandemic is more known. Adelaide Real Estate’s ongoing success over such a relatively short period is truly incredible but for William, it’s just further evidence of his team’s experience, talent, and hard work. “I’m very proud of how well we’ve done just in the short amount of time since we opened our doors, despite the challenges of COVID and the current economic environment, specifically in Houston,” he shares.


William Elser

CEO/Principal — Adelaide Real Estate

Address: 2410 Tangley Street, Suite B, Houston, TX 77005




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