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William (Bill) Farrand

With 25+ years in the industry, Bill Farrand is a real estate expert, an asset manager, an investment opportunity specialist, and best-selling author of a book he cowrote with Jack Canfield. As CEO and principal of Farrands Management Group, full-service real estate asset-management provider, he leads a team of experts responsible for over $100 million in real estate investments and transactions on behalf of their clients. Based in New York, the company serves clients throughout the East Coast, Gulf Coast, and across the country. Bill uses his extensive knowledge across both real estate and investing to review, analyze, buy, and sell residential and commercial properties, and bring together buyers and sellers in mutually beneficial transactions. “I connect the people who want to invest in real estate with people who have the properties or lots to invest in,” he explains.

Bill entered the real estate field in 1993, and through hard work and perseverance, he built a successful career that allowed him to thrive both personally and professionally. Sixteen years later, he decided to launch a company to help others do the same by sharing the strategies and expertise that paved the way for his own rise to the top as a real estate investor. In 2009, Bill founded Farrands Management Group, assembling a team of marketing experts and real estate professionals with a combined $1 billion in transactions and specializations across the single-family, multifamily, retail, construction, and mortgage sectors. The firm works with a broad range of clients, from individuals to family offices to hedge funds—whomever wants to invest or has an investment.

As an asset manager and a former licensed Realtor with two thriving real estate companies, Bill serves his clients with a unique combination of insider insight, skill, and business savvy gained over an entire career dedicated to the fields. Using a proprietary database, he analyzes and prescreens each side of the deal to determine if it’s a good fit or if it will be profitable. While the process is involved, Bill has all the information he needs within 30 minutes to make a decision. Then, and only then, will he present to an investor.

As Bill oversees two firms dedicated to assisting their clients across the real estate investment spectrum, he also shares his industry experience, knowledge, and insight with wider audiences as a member of The National Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers.


William (Bill) Farrand

CEO/Principal — Farrands Management Group


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/williamfarrand/

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