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Yale appears in the Top 100

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Yale Weiss

As managing director of Weiss Investment Group, Yale Weiss helps to lead a unique family-owned real estate development firm committed to delivering affordable luxury housing. Founded in 1980 by his father, the New Jersey-based firm’s core focus is on value-add multifamily properties. But this is more than a real estate development company. This is a firm dedicated to the betterment of people’s lives and the communities in which they live, as Yale and his group help develop properties in transitioning neighborhoods, breathing life into underdeveloped buildings that have been neglected. “We believe that affordable and luxury are not mutually exclusive. We put a lot of our own vision and creative thought into our properties and are not just driven by economics. We want people to be able to afford the luxury that we bring to a community,” he explains.

Yale joined Weiss Investment Group in 2016, but his passion for real estate and his appreciation for hard work were instilled in him since childhood, working alongside his father, who worked his way up from waiter to real estate agent to real estate developer. “I’ve been working with my father since I was five years old. We come from strong roots. We try to help the people that we house.” They try to not only house people, but give them a personalized experience while living in a property through their hands-on management approach.

After his time as a broker, Yale’s father began to syndicate real estate on his own, and slowly built Weiss Investment Group through the decades to what it is today—with property locations spanning New York, New Jersey, and now North Carolina. Despite the astounding success of Weiss Investment Group, its philosophy remains the same as it did since its inception—to be more of a family operation as opposed to just a business and to treat their residents as a part of that family.

Yale points to two sources of inspiration that laid the foundation of his career and explains how he grew into this business. His father has always been the most inspirational figure in his life and has helped shape his career since the beginning. His second source of inspiration was the time he spent working with Kushner Companies, where he worked alongside some of the most talented people in the industry. “My experience at Kushner Companies and the knowledge I acquired working at such a prominent institution really catapulted my career.”

Even in the midst of a global pandemic Yale and Weiss Investment Group show no signs of slowing—in business or in their efforts to help people. This past year Yale became one of the youngest members of the Forbes Real Estate Council, and the company has expanded into the Southeast. All the while, they are giving back now more than ever. “We are delivering care packages to struggling tenants, and working to accommodate their financial needs during these trying times. We are offering hotel rooms to first responders and health care workers in our hotel.” Yale and Weiss Investment Group are unwavering epitomes of the firm’s motto, “Adversity doesn’t build character; it reveals it.”


Yale Weiss

Managing Director — Weiss Investment Group

LinkedIn: Yale Weiss

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