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Yousef appears in the Top 50

Australian Professionals Magazine

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Yousef Shadid

Yousef is the best-selling author of The GradGate, a book which guides students through their studies and post-grad journey to success over the span of four chapters, realizes just how difficult it can be for those graduating with minimal experience to find a career. He utilises skills honed through similar circumstances faced in his own life to help graduates find their niche, enhancing their employability by focusing on transferable skills that put them on employers’ radars.


While he initially started studying engineering, Yousef eventually perused a business management degree at Swinburne University of Technology and graduated with little information about the job market and what he wished to pursue, making him no stranger to the common problems he now helps graduates conquer. He began applying to many companies, struggling to find the right match. As Yousef slowly began networking, connecting with industry leaders, and learning more about resumes and the job market, he landed a position at one of the Big Four consulting firms as a graduate analyst, eventually working for both Deloitte and Ernst & Young (EY) in the following years.


Since graduating five years ago, Yousef’s subsequent years were spent with these firms, working in management consulting and gaining experience solving a variety of client problems within different industries. This past year, he transitioned into the graduates’ employability field thorough founding GradShip, during the onset of a global pandemic, after gaining valuable experience as a professional in the last five years, weathering rocky roads to get there.


Yousef’s mission is to continue pursuing his passion for helping others, just as he did through on-campus involvement, managing various student engagement initiatives, eventually earning him the graduating title of emerging leader. He currently provides top-notch services tailored to each client’s individual needs, taking time to consult and understand their strengths. This allows them to help determine the optimal path for utilising their assets, as well as provide ongoing support, ensuring the graduate a smooth journey into whichever industry they seek.



Yousef Shadid





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