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Yuri appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Yuri Butler


Yuri Butler is a founding partner of Vicenza Energy, a Canadian company committed to using innovative technology to safely transport bitumen and bitumen products from North American refineries to new overseas markets.


Established in 2019, Vicenza Energy has reimagined using existing transportation infrastructure to safely and efficiently transport Bitumen, thus opening up new markets. By utilizing proprietary technology, bitumen products can now be poured into highly specialized containers, which allow them to cool and solidify within just a day or two, making it safe to ship via rail, road, or sea as a Non-Dangerous Good. The materials can then be quickly and effectively reheated inside the containers once they reach their final destinations. “Figuring out how to use the existing infrastructure to get products into new markets has really been an industry game changer. To get to this stage took several years. The logistics were challenging and it seemed almost impossible to do this economically—until now.” Yuri shares.


Prior to Vicenza Energy, Yuri gained valuable experience through working in the oil and gas industry. He ran the logistics department for Suncor and then built and managed the logistics network at Cenovus. These roles provided a foundation from which Yuri could transition to opening up new markets for heavy oil using existing infrastructure. “Most logistics people know how to move a product, but may not understand how it affects the supply chain or how it affects the entire network,” Yuri shares. “I’ve always been driven by a deep-rooted desire to find imaginative solutions for new challenges and that’s what makes Vicenza Energy the perfect fit.”


Yuri Butler

Founding Partner — Vicenza Energy



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