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Yuri Runoff

A highly esteemed private equity professional, Yuri Runoff has garnered years of experience in corporate development, product management, mergers and acquisitions, product marketing, valuations, and due diligence. He is also an active angel investor who has been involved in the market research of potential portfolio companies such as the successfully exited, Blue Bat Games and Shelfie (BitLit Media). As the president and chief executive officer of Runoff Capital Management Inc., Yuri currently invests in various companies related to information technology (IT), pharma, life science, and real estate.


Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Runoff Capital Management is a management company of Runoff Capital Group, a private equity investment firm that provides clients with an opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of global IT holdings. The company first opened in April 2018, and a few months later, in 2019, Yuri started Runoff Capital Fund I LP, an investment fund with a focus on sustainability solutions and IT such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).


As the company’s CEO, Yuri makes all the top-level decisions and frequently serves as an advisor and mentor to team members as well as fellow investors. Another of his primary responsibilities is to watch the markets in order to know when and how to re-focus the fund’s portfolio. For example, due to recent sector trends and rapidly changing industries, Yuri is currently working on re-focusing the fund’s portfolio companies to sustainability and climate change with IT solutions in the areas of IoT and AI.


Prior to starting Runoff Capital Management, Yuri co-founded several other companies in Vancouver. In the beginning, he and his wife, Natalie, became co-founders in 2003, when they opened their first business in Canada. Next, in 2004, RC Security Technologies International was incorporated. The company originally focused on the development and export of software and hardware for the surveillance industry.  However, later, Yuri began to invest in private equity, and as a result, RC Security now holds a diversified portfolio of first-class IT companies and real estate properties worldwide. Seven years later, in 2011, Yuri and Natalie co-founded their next company, Maat Administration Inc., a business consulting company specializing in strategy development and operational efficiency improvement.


Yuri holds a master’s degree in radio physics and electronics from Belarusian State University and an advanced certificate in business strategy from IPM Business School in Belarus. In 2010, he patented his method of data transmitting for centralized security systems. He is currently pursuing an executive certificate in management and leadership with a focus in AI and loT from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Although he has obtained numerous accomplishments, Yuri is most proud of his family.  “I want to say thank you to my wife, Natalie, for being my partner before our first son was born and for having my back since then,” says Yuri. He enjoys spending his free time at home with Natalie and their three children, at the gym, or at the shooting range.




Yuri Runoff

President and CEO

Runoff Capital Management Inc.

1420-99 Bank Street

Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1H4 Canada

Facebook: www.facebook.com/people/Yuri-Runoff/100014372704692

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/yuri-runoff

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