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Zag Dutton

In the heart of Mississauga, Ontario, Zag Dutton, the president and founder of Career Connections Canada Inc., adeptly navigates the landscape of talent acquisition. With a keen eye for untapped potential and a dedication to fostering meaningful connections, Zag has carved out a niche for herself in the competitive world of recruitment.

Zag's foray into entrepreneurship was born out of a desire for balance. Ten years into her role of managing a major recruitment firm, where she amassed experience in the placement of pharmaceutical, manufacturing, third-party logistics, and medical professionals, she found herself at a crossroads. When motherhood beckoned, Zag could not imagine missing out on precious moments with her daughter, spurring her to reimagine her career path. Drawing upon her wealth of experience, she took the leap and founded Career Connections Canada Inc..


At the heart of Zag's work lies a profound appreciation for people. This ethos permeates every facet of Career Connections Canada Inc.' operations. Rather than viewing recruitment as a transactional endeavor, Zag emphasizes the importance of forging genuine connections. For her, success isn't measured solely in placements made, but in the lives touched and careers transformed.

Under Zag’s leadership, the company experienced a meteoric rise, going from a small startup to a prominent figure in the recruiting arena with sales exceeding 5 million dollars. This trajectory led to a prestigious recognition as the Best Boutique Recruitment Firm of 2024 in Ontario, along with several other accolades, each serving as a testament to Zag's unwavering commitment to excellence.

As its name implies, Career Connections Canada Inc. prides itself on their ability to understand the intricate aspects of organizational culture. “The most distinctive aspect of our work lies in recognizing that we're consistently engaging with people. Unlike selling tangible goods, our business revolves around individuals—with their unique opinions, thoughts, and emotions. We're not merely brokering transactions; we're facilitating connections between human beings,” Zag shares.

To that end, Career Connections Canada Inc. assists companies in finding individuals who seamlessly integrate into their work environments. It extends beyond the mere alignment of resume qualifications with job descriptions. Rather, it hinges on assessing whether a candidate will mesh well with the existing team dynamics. Even within a highly successful team, introducing a member who lacks compatibility on a personal or interpersonal level can disrupt the entire synergy, potentially causing significant damage. Recovering from such disruptions can be a lengthy process, and clients may risk losing valuable team members due to the addition of a misfit. This is where Zag’s experience really comes into play. After thirty years in the business, she has developed a knack for assessing the character and integrity of candidates.

As Career Connections Canada Inc. continues to evolve and expand its footprint across Canada, Zag remains steadfast in her commitment to humanizing the recruitment process. In a world where talent abounds, but connections remain elusive, Career Connections Canada Inc. stands as a beacon of possibility—an oasis where individuals and organizations converge in pursuit of mutual growth and fulfillment.


Zag Dutton
Founder and President
Career Connections Canada Inc.




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