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Zeb Maclennan

In the 1980s, Zeb began making markets in COMEX gold and silver options at The World Trade Center in New York. He swore he would never let his voice get shattered like all the old pros (35ish). Three years later he was president of the world’s first publicly traded options trading firm, expanding operations into Philly, Chicago, and over the counter. Fielding midnight calls from Germany about his DM/USD trades. Oh and yes, his voice was irrevocably shattered.

In 1989 he co-founded Wadsworth & Co. for his own family’s investments. After being on the buy side for years, when he relocated to San Francisco in the 1990s, he slipped over into the dark side: sell side at Bear Stearns, running the Professional Trading Group.

He was fortunate enough to study customer-centric, lean start-ups at Cal’s Haas with Eric Reis and Steve Blank; meanwhile becoming certified as a financial risk manager through the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).

Today, Wadsworth & Co. is making some exciting changes. The family has always invested their own capital, and their primary focus in the past has been investing in hedge fund baskets. However, recent dollar strength, blow off equity action, and increased federal debt purchases, led them to start pulling out of hedge funds, while allocating more capital to angel investing.

The family is most interested in empowering people to have greater control over their own lives. Current vetting projects include Trustinc, peer to peer banking, CitizInvest, crowdfunding for social impact projects, and WeR1, societal inclusion of special needs adults.

They have created a new risk metric for their impact projects; CIA, or conscious intention alignment. When all parties are on the same page, everyone wins.


Zeb Maclennan
Wadsworth & Company, Co-Founder
CitizInvest, Chief Executive Officer
432 Moraga Way, Orinda, California 94563
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/zebmaclennan/  

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