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The Top 100 enterprise publishes the most popular biography-based titles in the industry. We are the original producer and publisher of The Top 100 Magazine and its verticals, including The Top 100 U.S. Business Leaders, The Top 100 Attorneys, The Top 100 People in Finance, The Top 100 People in Real Estate, The Top 40 Under 40, The Top 100 Canadian Professionals, The Top 100 Doctors, The Top 100 Innovators & Entrepreneurs, and many more. At the close of 2023, our digital and print subscription base exceeded 500K readers across 30 countries. 


What sets The Top 100 apart from the 'copycat' magazines is that we do more than simply publish and distribute. We are the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and reliable tool for professional and personal development available today. 

There are so many benefits of working with The Top 100 group and our talented team of writers, marketing specialists, social media experts, and public relations managers. In the highly competitive, web-driven environment of today, it is essential to establish your brand (you) and your business, so that people can find you, trust you, and do business with you. 


Ranko Vukovic

"Professional, well-organized, comprehensive, effective and client-oriented is what comes to mind when I reflect on my experience working with the Top 100 team. It was my pleasure to work with them as they helped me develop my online presence that reflects Vancity Physio's initiative, vision and drive. Looking forward to future collaborations with the Top 100 team!"

Top 100 Canadian Professionals

Rocco Sarni

To the team:  the whole magazine looks fantastic, not just my spread. Great piece of publishing, journalism, and a little bit of art! Congrats on your release and great job on the representation of 40 different people and their strengths, weaknesses, highs and lows. All around success!

Top 100 People in Real Estate, Top 40 Under 40

Olivia Fraser-Kerr

The staff of The Top 100 Magazine were prompt and very professional in meeting their publishing schedule. I am very pleased with the quality of work. My feature in the magazine really helped to increase my network among fellow educators.

Featured in Top 100 Educators of 2015

Quynh Goodhouse

A stunning magazine to recognize and showcase distinguished professionals in their fields. It was a pleasure to work with Top 100's exemplary writers and editors.

Top 40 Under 40-2018

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Joseph Sensale

I truly value this honor and recognition by Top 100 as it is predicated on accomplishment, effort, and, merit.  In reviewing the profiles of my colleagues, it is clear Top 100 clearly did its due diligence in selecting its honorees

Top 100 Attorneys in America

Jaime Manriquez

I want to take a quick moment to acknowledge your team. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Diana and work with her along with Stacia and Joseph. All of them were classy and professional and hope to work with you again in the future. The final product looks amazing, hats off to you and your team mates. 

The Top 100 People in Finance

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Lucille DiLorenzo

The staff was amazing. The magazine was stunning. I'm thrilled with the results. I've gotten more clients and even made some connections with others in the magazine. Honestly, the best investment into my career that I have made. They got me to the first page of Google and as a real estate agent, that's a major perk! Thank you. 

The Top 100 People in Real Estate

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Sid Zerbo

I read this with a great pleasure and with a positive appreciation of the great and professional collaboration from the entire team of the Top 100 Magazine. Thank you for such honor and for such great contribution to my professional credibility and reputation.

The Top 100 Canadian Professionals

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