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Cancellations must be made within 3 days of payment. Your payment constitutes a publishing contract and your space within the magazine is reserved immediately upon receipt of your payment. 


There are no refunds after 3 calendar days. 

Compliance Constraints:

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you are eligible/allowed to be published before committing and/or paying to be included in The Top 100 Magazine. We do not offer refunds based on compliance rejection/denial after the standard refund term of 3 days.


In the event of a cancellation and/or refund request made after 3 days, you may opt to be moved to another Top 100 Magazine vertical or postpone publishing to a future publication.  

Cancellations/Refunds within 3 Days:

Please contact us directly. Disputing the charge through your credit card provider or financial institution will prohibit a direct refund from The Top 100 Magazine and/or Redwood Media, and delay return of your payment.


You are solely responsible for submitting all required publishing components promptly. If we do not receive everything in time for production, we reserve the right to move you into a future magazine. Our standard cancellation policy, as outlined above, remains the same. 

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