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LEGAL DISCLOSURE: By engaging with our services, you acknowledge and agree that all stipulations, terms, and conditions outlined herein are legally binding. Your payment for our services signifies the execution of a publishing contract between yourself and The Top 100 Magazine and/or Redwood Media. The contract effected by your payment encompasses all aspects of the publishing process, including but not limited to the submission of materials, revisions, and compliance with specified timelines. It is therefore imperative that you thoroughly review and understand the terms outlined herein. Should you have any questions or require clarification regarding any aspect of this contract, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

OBLIGATIONS AND REMEDIAL ACTIONS:  In adherence to your/our contractual obligations, it is incumbent upon you to assume sole responsibility for the completion of your interview and the timely submission of all requisite publishing components and deliverables, inclusive of, yet not limited to, revisions and/or endorsement of your biography, provision of photograph(s), and, if desired, inclusion of a logo, all in strict accordance with the predetermined production schedule established by our organization. Should we fail to receive any such deliverable(s) within the stipulated timeframe, we expressly reserve the right, at our discretion, to proceed with the publication of your biography draft in the magazine selected at the time of sale, whether accompanied by a photograph or not and without your approval of the biography draft. Moreover, in the eventuality that your interview is not conducted within the designated timeframe conducive to our publication schedule, we retain the right to defer the publication of your material to a future edition, subject to our editorial prerogatives and operational constraints. Adherence to these stipulations is fundamental to our mutual agreement and is vital to the seamless execution of our publication process. Should you require further clarification or assistance regarding any aspect of this matter, please do not hesitate to communicate with us promptly.

PUBLISHING TIMELINES: Upon receipt of your biography draft, it is essential to recognize that the draft will specify a requirement for any revisions to be submitted within a 15-calendar-day period. Furthermore, embedded within the draft is a hyperlink directing you to our website, where comprehensive details regarding the publishing procedure, along with estimated publication dates, are available. It is incumbent upon you to acquaint yourself with these procedures and forthcoming release dates, ensuring strict adherence to them. Please note that the publishing timelines delineated on our website are subject to change to accommodate the introduction of new verticals over time. Therefore, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with these timelines at the outset of your engagement with our services.


ELIGIBILITY AND COMPLIANCE:  In accordance with our policies and procedures, you assume full responsibility for confirming your eligibility or authorization for publication before initiating any payment transaction. We do not offer refunds for instances of rejection or denial based on compliance rejection, either by you or your company, subsequent to the expiration of the standard refund period, which is defined as 3 calendar days from the date of payment. It is incumbent upon you to conduct due diligence and ascertain whether you meet all requisite criteria for publication prior to engaging in any financial transaction with our organization. Any failure to adhere to this obligation may result in the forfeiture of any refund entitlement should your eligibility subsequently be deemed inadequate or non-conforming. We emphasize the importance of thoroughly reviewing and understanding our eligibility criteria and publication guidelines to avoid any potential complications or misunderstandings regarding your ability to be published. Should you require further clarification or assistance in assessing your eligibility status, we encourage you to contact our customer support team for guidance and support prior to proceeding with payment.

PAYMENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Cancellation requests must be submitted to The Top 100 Magazine and/or Redwood Media via electronic email to within a timeframe of 3 calendar days from the date of any payment made. It is expressly understood that no refunds will be issued subsequent to the expiration of this 3-calendar-day period. Any cancellations or refund requests occurring beyond the initial 3 calendar days following payment shall be subject to the following provisions: The party involved may opt either to be published in an alternative Top 100 Magazine vertical or defer publication for a duration of up to one year. For Digital Packages, no remedial action is offered. Prior to initiating any dispute of charges through one's credit card provider, it is imperative to engage in direct communication with our organization. Instigating a chargeback/dispute through the credit card provider or financial institution will preclude the possibility of a direct refund from The Top 100 Magazine and/or Redwood Media and may prolong the process of reimbursement. Cancellations must be effectuated within the initial 3 calendar days subsequent to payment. It is understood that the act of payment signifies the execution of a publishing contract, the rescission of which is not permissible beyond the 3-calendar-day threshold. No refunds shall be entertained after the lapse of the aforementioned 3-calendar-day period.

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