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Adib appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Adib Khaldi


Adib Khaldi is a highly experienced financial consultant, investor, and public speaker with over a decade of professional experience in the industry. He has held positions of increasing responsibility at multiple banks, and has taught financial literacy to thousands of Canadians, highlighting its significance. Currently, he serves as Executive Vice President of Finance at Pensio Global, a leading private credit risk enhancement company that specializes in offering surety and income guarantees for the real estate sector.

Adib is a well-respected entrepreneur and shareholder in several entities operating in distributive markets. His expertise in helping businesses flourish in various industries has enabled him to serve on numerous advisory boards. Adib has been involved in syndication and underwriting on various projects. Noteworthy sectors that Adib has been involved in include green technology, decentralized finance, advanced process networks, and private placements. Adib is particularly interested in the capital markets world and has created a free opinion online platform that provides economic and market forecasts, allowing members to make informed decisions when dealing with financial markets based on opinions provided by its members. Adib has been accurately predicting market trends for the past three years on this growing online opinion public platform. He takes great pride in his work ethic and is highly dedicated to every project he undertakes. "I have to believe in the product or service I am working with in terms of investments, career, or consultancy," Adib affirms.

Adib Khaldi

Executive V.P. of Finance — Pensio Global


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