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Alex Burdge


It’s no secret that product success in the marketplace is heavily reliant on factors outside of the product itself. Regardless of the value something may hold, if it can’t be manufactured efficiently or has ineffective marketing, it won’t sell. Plain and simple. Yet, historically, the realms of supply chain and product design have been two separate worlds, seeming to almost know nothing of the other’s existence. But now, Alex Burdge is changing that. He is the CEO and co-founder of Shyft Global, a growth partner that bridges the gap between manufacturing and product design, utilizing experience and expertise in both areas to help brands reach their goals. Headquartered in Utah, they have offices in Vietnam, China, and Mexico.

“We help fuel brand growth,” Alex says. “With our global networks and offices, paired with our talented product design teams, we’re able to build products optimized for supply chains, and supply chains optimized for products. We analyze products and strategically procure each component of that product in the region that is most advantageous to the desired outcomes for a company and their stakeholders.” Shyft offers various services, including branding, product design and development, supply chain strategy with sourcing, procurement, and logistics, as well as quality management. By combining a world-class design firm with a world-class supply chain firm, they are uniquely capable of providing what a brand needs in order to grow and thrive, an embodiment of their tagline, “We Make Product Happen.”

The team at Shyft focuses on problem-solving and team building, and they follow the “who first, then what” principle, putting real thought into what type of team to build to maintain a supply chain. “We care about the brands we work with and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a small part of their story. I also try to build a company that is exceptionally good and provides something meaningful for my employees” Alex says. He continually strives to add value to the relationship he builds, seeking personal growth along the way. “Success isn’t about financial accomplishments,” he shares. “It’s about the impact you’ve made on the lives of others.”


Alex Burdge

CEO & Co-Founder — Shyft Global



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