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Alexandra Wintrich

In the world of consulting, there are few individuals as inspiring and accomplished as Alexandra Wintrich. As the founder and CEO of NeuZeit Consulting, Alexandra has not only carved a niche for herself, but has also revolutionized the way businesses navigate complex projects to achieve their strategic objectives.


Alexandra's journey to becoming a trailblazer in the consulting industry is a testament to her unwavering determination and passion. Upon graduating from The Ohio State University, she started her career in consulting as a developer. However, her innate people skills and aptitude for business analysis and project management soon became apparent. It did not take long for Alexandra to transition from a developer to an expert in business analysis and program/project management. Her exceptional skills made her a sought-after consultant, working with clients on custom-built applications and global packaged software solutions. She earned her MBA from Otterbein and is PMP certified, solidifying her expertise in the field.


Over time, Alexandra realized the difference exceptional project managers make. In many cases, the caliber of the project manager determines the success or failure of a large, complex program. Understanding how impactful these roles are, Alexandra began cultivating a pool of talent that had a reputation for delivery excellence. She discerned a unique opportunity to establish her own consulting firm in 2012; NeuZeit, a name that resonates with "new beginnings" or "new times" in German. As a first-generation American with parents who immigrated from Germany and Austria to the United States, the name holds profound significance for Alexandra, symbolizing her personal journey, and reflects the dynamic and always changing business landscape.


Building NeuZeit from scratch while maintaining her full-time position was a formidable task. Alexandra's vision guided her in assembling a team with the necessary experience, work ethic, and moral values that she holds in the highest regard. NeuZeit has since become a beacon of excellence, specializing in delivery leadership in business and technical projects, including program and project management, PMO structure and setup, process improvement, change management, product management, as well as AI and data analytics strategies.


What sets NeuZeit apart is their obsession for delivery excellence. The firm develops a deep understanding of the clients' priorities, culture, delivery model, and stakeholder needs. They cut through bureaucracy and identify challenges, streamline processes, and tailor best practices to each project's unique requirements. The essence of NeuZeit’s unparalleled service is the consistent delivery of remarkable results, including heightened productivity, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Under Alexandra’s visionary leadership, NeuZeit thrives and evolves, making a lasting impact on the consulting landscape. The professionals at NeuZeit boast a wealth of experience and certifications, demonstrating their commitment to excellence. Leveraging decades of delivery experience, and staying ahead of the curve, the firm incorporates AI to supercharge delivery teams, providing leadership with new data to monitor progress and eliminate inefficiencies. NeuZeit continues to put their client’s needs first so that they can, ‘Stay on track and unleash your team’s potential.’



Alexandra Wintrich
NeuZeit Consulting


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