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Allen Wang

Allen Wang, an innovative creator and an influential name in the realm of packaging design and brand development, is the president and founder of two dynamic and beneficial companies: Crestify Studio LLC, and Movaluebrands LLC, as well as the brand, Happy Olly. While these businesses differ in their offerings, they share a common mission—they all deliver products and services that provide substantial value to consumers.

Proving himself to be more than just a serial entrepreneur, Allen leverages insights gleaned from his own experiences and success to provide support to others. He began accumulating his diverse skillset early on in his career, specializing in packaging development and brand enhancement. During that time, he showcased his talents while developing packaging for household brands such as L'Oréal, Banana Boat, Schick, Playtex, Cremo, as well as other big-name brands. Further, his practical experience is supported by a BS in packaging from MSU, alongside LEAD1x leadership certification from Harvard’s online program, HarvadX.

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Allen ventured beyond corporate confines to pursue his own path, motivated by a desire to offer superior solutions to a wider audience. His latest endeavor, Happy Olly, stemmed from his golden retriever Olly's dietary challenges. Allen responded by creating a convenient, nutritious, and all-natural treat made with freeze-dried pumpkin to support digestive health that has been well-received by pet owners.

Happy Olly was founded on the heels of Allen's successful 2023 project, Crestify Studio, an all-encompassing digital marketing agency headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey. Allen founded Crestify Studio with the aim of becoming an ‘all-in-one’ partner to clients who sought to elevate their standing in the marketplace. Whether through website design, SEO strategies, compelling branding, packaging design, sourcing, or content creation, Allen and his team adeptly assist clients with all of their needs. More importantly, the variety of service offerings are all drawn from Allen’s firsthand experience in scaling a business from the ground up.

In a short period of time, Crestify Studio has become renowned as the gold standard for creativity and effectiveness in the digital marketing realm. Through their collaborative efforts with artwork, to strategic partnerships with reputable packaging manufacturers, Crestify Studio delivers consistently top-notch solutions that perfectly complement their clients’ brand and enhance its visibility.

Whether facilitating a seamless transition from concept to market, formulating launch plans, or establishing retail ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Shopify, and other prominent channels, Allen ensures his clients' projects thrive. Through Crestify Studio and Movaluebrands, Allen is progressing commerce en masse, one happy client at a time.


Allen Wang
Founder and President of Crestify Studio LLC
Founder and Owner of Movaluebrands LLC
Founder of Happy Olly and Movalue
Website:   and

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