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Amar appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Amar Chana


Interpersonal relationships are integral to our personal and professional lives. Amar Chana understands and values this truth. In fact, he’s designed his career around building relationships—and he’s excelled in it. In an industry known for high turnovers and a short trajectory, he has been successfully matching candidates and employers for over 20 years. As the founder and CEO of Amar & Associates, he is a headhunter, consultant, and educator, all in one. Yet, within the industry, he’s known as a subject matter specialist, or SME, due to his aptitude for coordinating both the client’s and the candidate’s expectations.

Surprisingly, Amar’s track record for finding “perfect fits” between candidates and clients began long before his career as a recruiter. While working in sales, the man who later became Amar’s mentor, noticed his ability to discern the strengths of those within his network. Over the years, he asked Amar for many personnel recommendations, leading to almost 50 placements with 100% success rate, until one day, his mentor told him, “You’re in the wrong business—you need to be in recruitment and sell talent instead of solutions.”  

Amar learned the ropes at Kensington Search Group, getting to know and understand the business and talent building. He honed his skills throughout the years until venturing off on his own in 2019. Through Amar & Associates, Amar recruits talent globally, though he often focuses on technology and executive placement. He leverages his consulting background to sniff out niche talent for organizations. He’s very careful in choosing the clients with whom he will engage, taking a personal interest in every interaction, even staying with some of them every step of the way, from entry-level to CTO. Amar helps his clients find and retain talent—often placing individuals who were already employed—by taking the time to understand every single candidate and what they need from a job. He credits his longevity in the field for contributing to his unique skill set, as well as the extensive network of relationships he has built, saying, “The challenge isn’t just identifying talent, but also understanding your clients and candidates; I build trust with both sides.”

Amar Chana

Founder & CEO — Amar & Associates



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