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Amin Eskooch


Imagine a place where mortgage lenders are lined up, competing to give clients the best rate. Now meet the innovator that created that digital space. With a combination of finance, real estate, and mortgage industry experience and a decade in tech with two startups under his belt, Amin Eskooch started WiiBid in 2020. “With the lack of innovation in the marketplace, there were clear inefficiencies, which presented an opportunity to change the game,” he states. “I leaned into my tech background and found a way to fill in the gaps.” Focused on the customer experience, the company’s mission is to disrupt the loan origination market by reducing the friction for buyers to obtain multiple offers from a variety of lenders. As the first online direct-to-consumer auctioned mortgage marketplace, the platform uses technology to automate the process where lenders compete to win borrower business. WiiBid's vision is to become the de facto marketplace for consumers to secure financing and providers to secure investment opportunities. In just two years, the has done $30 million in gross merchandise value with 30 lenders participating already and growing at an accelerated rate. and. “We’re the eBay of lending solutions,” Amin says.


Prior to starting WiiBid, Amin was manager and founding limited partner of the private equity firm Abana Capital, which was serviced by his mortgage banking firm and raised money to invest in a broad range of real estate projects in Canada. Thereafter, he started Aultrust, where he advised real estate investors on how to best allocate funds through different investment vehicles and provided large-scale development projects with investment strategy and guidance around municipal approval process. Amin spent his formative years at a commodities trading desk to work for before joining IBM, where he spent a decade focused on corporate development and  management consulting in the financial services sector, advising large banks in Canada on how to improve their business processes with tech. During this time, he started a few of his own ventures in the technology space before switching over to finance and real estate, culminating in an enterprise that looks to reinvent the age-old mortgage industry.


Amin holds a master’s degree in engineering and commerce, and is a registered mortgage broker and a Chartered Investment Manager.


Amin Eskooch

Founder & CEO — WiiBid




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