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Amir Zandifar

Work hard, stay focused, and make history. This is the personal mantra that has driven Amir Zandifar throughout his entire adult life. From the time he wakes up at 3:30 a.m. until he falls asleep each night, he never loses one ounce of energy or enthusiasm. “I love what I do, and when I set a goal, I refuse to quit until I achieve it,” he says.

Since joining the real estate industry seven years ago, Amir has done just that—reaching goal after goal and receiving more than 50 awards as a top producer in the process. In May 2021, he became a branch owner at Veritas Funding, an equal housing mortgage lender based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since opening its doors less than eight months ago, Veritas has grown at lightning-fast speed, building a team of more than 30 people and doing more than $550 million annually, and Amir will be further increasing his staff by 40% before the New Year’s fireworks ring in the start of 2022.

At Veritas Funding, the interest of its clients always comes first. “We have an obsessive focus on customer service,” Amir explains. “They receive surveys after each interaction, and team members hold weekly discussions with them as well as with each other.” Its this commitment to Veritas’s principles that gives the company its competitive edge. “We offer a wide variety of products and services, fast and efficient delivery, and very fair to low prices,” he says. “But what’s even more exciting is that our three-part formula is sustainable over time, so we can continue to focus on the customer experience.”

Prior to entering the world of real estate, Amir rocked the financial industry as a talented young banker. At only 19 years old, he began working at Network Capital Funding, where he was ranked #1 within his first month of employment. Just a few weeks later, Amir was promoted to become the youngest manager in the company and began managing more than a dozen people as well as nearly $25 million in production each month. He interacted closely with the firm’s CEO, and he quickly learned the complexities of business, including what it takes to become the best at what you do. “Banking involves 100-hour workweeks and demands pure dedication and undivided attention, “Amir explains. “I experienced the physical and mental grind and learned how much focus it takes to accomplish your goals.”


After serving as the firm’s manager for more than a year, he knew that he wanted more and accepted a position with Loan Depot. During his three and a half years there, he quickly rose to #2 in the United States for consumer-direct and did close to $550 million, soaking up knowledge of the industry in the process, such as how a large corporations and different departments operate and how a big business runs. But more than that, he learned about the immense amount of focus businesses place on the customer experience and on their employees. “Loan Depot’s CEO and operator, Anthony Hiesa, is someone who was a huge inspiration to me, and I continue to look up to him,” says Amir. By watching him, I learned how to build a competitive culture of sales as well as how a high-level executive operates—from leadership to technology to the customer experience.” 


His voracious appetite for knowledge about banking led Amir to the role of vice president at the Federal Savings Bank. During his two-and-a-half-year tenure, he did up to $110 million annually while helping veterans and becoming more familiar with the banking side of real estate. “I learned about everything that went into a loan, from A to Z, as well as how profitability and marketing worked,” Amir explains. “I really enjoyed working with veterans, and the experience helped me to see how detail-oriented mortgage manufacturing processing can be.”


Over the course of his remarkable career, one aspect has always remained the same—Amir’s genuine desire to help people. One of his greatest joys is mentoring his staff and nurturing their success. “I love my employees at Veritas, and I love helping them. My biggest reward is hearing them say how much they love their jobs and that they truly enjoy working with me,” he shares.


Outside of his role at Veritas, Amir spends a lot of time continuing his education and giving back to the community. He holds numerous certificates and regularly takes online courses through Harvard and Stanford Universities. He also enjoys volunteering for United Cerebral Palsy of Central Arizona (UCP), where he has been helping children with disabilities for the past 14 years. Amir gives back on a personal level as well. His mother worked for several years at Walmart, so when he began earning a substantial amount of money, he purchased a house by the beach for her and helped her to retire. Whether at work, within the community, or at home, Amir loves making a positive impact on the lives of everyone around him.



Amir Zandifar

Branch Owner

Veritas Funding 

Instagram: Amir_Zandifar

LinkedIn: Amir Zandifar

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