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Andra Coleman

Andra Coleman was born with a visionary gift—with the ability to draw. While many would consider this an enviable talent in and of itself, Andra also has the mind of an inventor. Through his 20-year plus career in manufacturing he has established expertise principles in the process. As an inventor his imagination is filled with new ideas and artistic endeavors. In 2012, he returned to college for a degree in drafting and designs technology. While attending, he designed his first invention—a hauling robot. Andra’s gift for drawing allowed him to produce the sketches and schematics in a way that others could see what his mind saw, and they did. In 2021, he filed for his first Intellectual Property. But while he reveled in the triumph, his purpose in life was much larger than his own personal accomplishments. “I can visualize people’s ideas in my mind and sketch them on paper, and I’ve always felt my calling was to help other people,” Andra said. “Driven by this desire that same year, I launched Where Ideas Become Reality LLC,” a Dallas-based consultant company committed to helping individuals to bring their innovative ideas to reality.

With special emphasis in mechanical 3D modeling, prototypes, and project management, Andra and his team bring decades of experience in manufacturing across a variety of CNC machinery, 3D design skills, and patent expertise to a full suite of services to make dreams come true. For some, the dream is an invention, for others, an innovative real estate designing idea. For both, Andra puts his visionary and artistic skills to work along with expertise in state-of-the-art designing software— Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360 (with CAD/CAM capabilities), 3Ds Max, Revit, and AutoCAD Architecture—to design residential floorplans and remodeling projects.

“So many people have innovative, brilliant ideas, but they hit a wall that stops them from fulfilling their dream,” Andra shares. “Whether they’re struggling to illustrate it on paper, draw up a schematic, get it manufactured, a protype made, or navigate the provisional patent process, I’m able to visionaries and inventors realize their dream just as I have realized mine.”

Andra holds a bachelor’s degree in project management, an associate degree in drafting of designs and a certificate in CNC brake press operations.


Andra Coleman

Founder & CEO — Where Ideas Become Reality, LLC


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