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Andre Humber


“Creating a successful business from concept to implementation.” This has been the hallmark of Innovation Direct Group’s (IDG) CEO, Andre Humber’s career. Specializing in health insurance, finance, and legal space, the digital marketing company delivers high-quality leads and calls through a customized marketplace. Designed to match potential customers with products, brands, or services, IDG helps brands attract new consumers through consent-based lead generation. “We bring awareness to brands, and we’re incredibly selective about who we work with as a lead provider.” Having built proprietary relationships with some of the industry’s top lead producers, the results-driven organization offers a lengthy vetting process aimed at providing the highest quality leads. “We own and operate all our properties and the traffic; we can see the user starting out and going through our page to the finished product of getting connected to an end buyer. It’s understanding what the consumer wants or needs and helping them connect with one of our buyers. We assist them in getting from point A (wanting) to point C (buying a product to fulfill that need),” Andre explains. Focused on delivering results, the full-service lead generation agency puts special emphasis on creating a return on the client’s investment.


Andre ensures the company runs as smoothly as possible while providing value to clients. With a career spanning various industries, Andre’s unique background has served as the foundation for his entrepreneurial journey, guided by his favorite quote by Walt Disney: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Prior to getting into the field, he held a diverse assortment of roles that included luxury car concierge, automotive buyer, and primary care practitioner. From there, an idea to go out on his own turned into a full-blown venture where he is now at the helm of a thriving business that since built has a reputation as an industry go-to. “What I really enjoy most are the people and building long lasting relationships. We started with just one employee, and now we have several located across the country and internationally,” he says. “Seeing the company grow and expand the services offered has been incredibly rewarding, and it all started with just a dream.”


Andre holds an associate degree in business management and several professional development certificates.


Andre Humber

CEO — Innovation Direct Group




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