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Aaron and Andrew appear in the Top 100

People in Real Estate Magazine

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Aaron Schlag

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Andrew Schlag

Andrew And Aaron Schlag

The relationship between brothers is special because they share childhood memories, but it becomes remarkable when they share their grownup dreams. Such is the case with 29-year-old Andrew Schlag and 32-year-old Aaron Schlag, who have worked together as brothers and business partners since 2014. Having built a multimillion-dollar portfolio by age 25 and having obtained a master’s degree in reinvesting from Financial Freedom Academy, Andrew wanted to share his experience and knowledge of real estate. As a result, Profit with Purpose, LLC was born. The innovative coaching business introduces newcomers to the world of real estate and propels experienced clients to the next level. When Aaron joined the company as a partner, the brothers discovered that they complemented each other perfectly. Aaron’s creativity, combined with Andrew’s tenacity, forged an ideal dynamic for providing practical and profitable solutions to both buyers and sellers. In fact, the brothers have been mentoring and coaching for legendary real estate entrepreneur, Ron LeGrand, since 2017.


When they are not busy coaching, Andrew and Aaron can be found at Diamond Valley Homes, a real estate solutions company based out of Newburgh, Indiana. The family-owned business helps homeowners with issues such as probate, foreclosures, and burdensome properties. Their goal is to provide win-win solutions so clients can overcome their challenging situations and continue to do the things they love. We recently sat down with Andrew and Aaron to discuss each of their journeys into real estate, their winning system for investing, and the creative solutions they provide for clients.


Tell us a bit about your background and how the two of you developed an exceptional work ethic at a very young age.


Andrew: Our work ethic was instilled by our parents. We were born and raised on a farm in southern Illinois, and our first venture was buying feeder calves. We fed and grew them to full size before selling them. Later, as teenagers, we both had a drive to do more, so we joined our dad’s construction company to learn the business and how to build houses.


How long did each of you remain in the construction industry?


Andrew: At age 19, I experienced a major medical situation and was placed in the intensive care unit for a while. After that, I began to experience major shift in my life. I stopped doing construction at age 21, when I heard Ron Legrand talking about buying houses with no money or credit. I started buying houses myself, and the following year, I purchased 50 houses in 52 weeks, which is what I want to help others achieve through my training system 30 Days to 30k. The objective is to share how I came to own a multimillion-dollar company when I started out with no experience, money, or credit.


Aaron: I ran a construction crew for four years while attending college, and I also married my wife during that time. So, at age 21, I was working and going to school full time with a new wife and baby on the way. Although I’d originally planned to go to law school, when Andrew found the real estate opportunity, I loved the idea and left college—the best decision I’ve ever made. Once I got into real estate with Andrew, I found my passion for helping people find alternative solutions and got my real estate broker license. I practiced an agent for a few years and when business exploded, I knew I wanted to build out my own team. Today, I run our team in Indiana, which includes a project manager, property manager, maintenance, and acquisitions.


Andrew, would you share more details about your 30 Days to 30k training system?

Andrew: Absolutely! 30 Days to 30k is winning system that explains how to identify properties, fill them, and manage the cash flow while owning a business. I personally spend less than 10 hours a week doing real estate because it is completely automated. I’m essentially peeling back the curtain and revealing my system to those who want to be successful with real estate investing. The principles and techniques are designed to work for clients at their own pace—whether they’re looking to bring in a little extra money, hustle now so they can retire early, or build a real, additional income stream with part-time effort.

People have asked why you don’t push to do 20 or more real estate deals per month. How do you respond to that?


Aaron: We average four to six deals per month. We enjoy real estate, but we also love teaching others how to make money. That’s why our coaching business is so important. It’s designed for people who have never made a real estate transaction—we educate them on wholesale deals, flipping a contract, buying houses, and the cash flow/creative finance world—which includes taking over debt. We also work with more experienced clients, who have been involved in real estate, but want to progress further. We help them get to the next level by building out their teams, assisting creatively, and teaching them how to automate and delegate. 

Do you have any recent examples of creative solutions you’d like to share?


Andrew: We were recently working with a person whose house was going into foreclosure and Aaron worked out a reinstatement plan to avoid it. On the flip side, he also just dealt with a buyer who was unable to get approved for a traditional loan. Aaron secured a rent-to-own option, which gave the client a path to owning a home.


Many of your clients have commented on how well the two of you balance one another out. Does that come naturally for you, or does it take a lot of effort?


Aaron: We do have a wonderful balance and a clear division of labor, which I attribute to our different personalities. For example, people say that I’m more analytical. I work closely with the teams to adhere to deadlines, but I enjoy interacting with customers as well. Andrew has a reputation for being engaging. As a former pastor, he easily connects with people, and he is passionate about changing lives.








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