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Andrew Jubelt

Revolutionizing Senior Housing through Innovation and Compassion


Introduction: In the world of real estate development, few professionals have the breadth of experience and dedication that Andrew Jubelt possesses. With a remarkable career spanning over four decades, Andy's unwavering commitment to curiosity, determination, and compassion has guided him on a transformative journey. From his humble beginnings as a tennis professional to his current role as a top real estate developer, he has consistently pushed boundaries and sought solutions to meet the market's evolving needs. This article explores his career and highlights his groundbreaking contributions to the senior housing sector.

A Foundation in Multi-Family Development: Andy embarked on his development career in 1980, immersing himself in multi-family projects. Through hands-on experience in constructing and managing numerous apartment units, he gained invaluable insights that would pave the way for his future endeavors. Recognizing the growing demand for senior housing, Andy identified a significant market opportunity and committed himself to providing more suitable housing solutions for seniors.

Innovative Senior Housing Solutions: Andy's passion for addressing the aging population's needs led him to spearhead several successful and innovative projects in the senior housing sector. As the managing member and CEO of the Greenstreet Wooster Opportunity Fund, he played a pivotal role in acquiring the land and developing The Amsterdam at Harborside CCRC, one of the largest continuing care retirement communities in the Northeast. Additionally, as the director of development for Pike Development, he contributed to creating and selling Homestead at Hamilton, a 230,000-square-foot rental facility offering independent/assisted living and memory care options.

Identifying the Problem, Seeking the Solution: After his experience with traditional senior housing models, Andy recognized a significant problem: the lack of affordable alternatives for the broader senior market. He observed that continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) required substantial financial commitments from residents, making them inaccessible to a large portion of the senior population. To address this issue, Andrew embarked on a quest for more affordable and flexible options, leading him to begin developing the rental model for independent and assisted living communities. However, the current rental models are only accessible to the top 10% of the market as well.

Introducing Live Well Senior Cottages and "Senior Housing Reimagined™": In 2022, Andy, together with his wife, Effie Zeyra, launched Live Well Senior Cottages, an innovative approach to independent senior housing. This venture aims to create a more financially accessible and community-oriented living experience for seniors. By embracing the pocket neighborhood concept, which fosters social interaction and a sense of belonging (credit: Effie), they seek to offer independent seniors a more intimate and affordable lifestyle. Live Well Senior Cottages feature individual cottages arranged around shared green spaces, walkways, and communal facilities, creating a secure and tight-knit community.

Beyond Real Estate Development: Andy's passion for innovation extends beyond real estate development. He has been involved in additional successful business ventures, including CMBS financing and information innovation. Notably, he served as a Hanover Partners, L.P. member overseeing the acquisition, restructuring, servicing, and financing of a $200 mm portfolio of multi-family loans. Additionally, as the managing member of Reitrac, he played a crucial role in creating and selling the first database company to provide real-time property-level performance data for publicly traded real estate companies.

Promoting Kindness and Civility: In addition to his accomplishments in real estate, he is the co-founder of Reclaiming Kindness and Civility, a nonprofit organization dedicated to integrating kindness and civility into all aspects of social behavior. Through this platform, they aim to empower individuals and foster a culture of compassion, ultimately leading to more beneficial outcomes for society as a whole.

Conclusion: Andy Jubelt's transformative journey into senior housing development serves as an inspiration to those interested in the industry. Through his innovative solutions, he has demonstrated that combining compassion with cutting-edge ideas can revolutionize how we approach senior living. As he continues to push boundaries and seek new ways to meet the market's evolving needs, he endeavors to make a meaningful contribution to the senior housing sector and make a lasting impact on the lives of seniors and their communities.


Andy Jubelt

CEO — Live Well Senior Cottages

Website: www.


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