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Andy Singh

Andy Singh is an accomplished real estate professional as well as a highly respected finance industry veteran and manager for a new hedge fund. With a focus on both commercial and residential properties, he quickly became a top licensed realtor in Utah and Nevada after entering the field in 2017. Then, having traded options with his own money for more than 13 years, Andy founded Royal Investment Adviser, Inc., in 2019. The following year—during the eye of the COVID storm—he established a hedge fund called The Driven Fund, LLC, which went on to beat the S&P 500 in 2020. Today, Andy serves a growing number of qualified clients with a net worth of $2.1 million or more, investing on their behalf in the stock market and securities listed in the US public exchanges “The success of my clients is what drives me every day, and I enjoy applying my skills, experience, and a variety of market tools to help them,” says Andy.


The inspiration to establish Royal Investment Advisor and The Driven Fund came about after Andy began noticing that a lot of companies were specializing in a particular sector and that their results depended directly upon that one sector’s performance. “I wanted to start a company that would not be limited to a specific sector and aimed to generate a positive return in any market conditions,” he explains. This is why, unlike most hedge funds, The Driven Fund in not limited to a particular sector in the stock market, with the goal generate consistent, absolute returns through different economic cycles in both up and down markets. Their investment strategy involves taking long positions in securities that are expected to increase in value and short positions in securities that are expected to decrease in value. The fund also engages in different options strategies. “We use a lot of hedging to reduce risk and protect our clients’ capital while striving to provide them with the best returns possible,” Andy explains.


Andy’s decision to pursue a career in real estate was also born from the desire to help his clients access better deals. Shortly after purchasing his first home, he discovered that he had likely paid above market value. The experience sparked his interest in correctly valuing properties, and it grew from there. Now, as one of the top realtors in the area, Andy has closed 60-plus properties in the last three years. Just as he strives to create wealth for his financial investors, he does so for his real estate clients, advising on the sale and purchase of multifamily units and commercial properties—mainly hotels and warehouses—as investment vehicles, with an eye toward seeking properties that have the potential to give them a healthy return on their investment. “My mission is to ensure that my clients receive fair, competitive prices whether they are selling or buying homes,” Andy explains. “I do the same for my commercial clients as I seek properties that have the potential to give them a healthy return on their investments.”


Andy has completed the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam and holds FINRA Series 7, Series 66 security licenses.



Andy Singh

Founder, Fund Manager, and CEO

The Driven Fund



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