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Aron appears in the Top 100

People in Real Estate Magazine

Lofton, Aron


Meet the charismatic visionary who is transforming a small painting company

into a $100M development enterprise in just 10 years. 

Tell us about your real estate development business, Property Halo Development.

Our team leverages over 60 years of combined real estate development experience and in-depth knowledge of the Texas real estate market to source both on and off market investment opportunities. The heart of our team is native to Frisco and has an intimate pulse on the market. We offer a one-stop-shop for investors that want to limit liabilities and get involved in Texas development.

The team that I constructed at Property Halo Development (PHD) has been responsible for over $2.1 billion worth of building development across the nation and $500M in Frisco and Prosper. Essentially, they know what they’re doing, and it shows. We seek the right deals through a vigorous effort of due diligence, we develop the site plan, pre-lease and pre-sale as much as possible and finally we work very closely with city planners and manage contractors to execute construction.  Right now, we are focusing specifically on Frisco, Texas because of the amazing growth that is going on in that locale.

Why are you focusing on the area of Frisco, Texas?

There are several reasons that this area is in the midst of a $3 billion real estate development boom. The PGA of America is relocating its headquarters from Florida to Frisco.  Jerry Jones recently moved the Dallas Cowboys headquarters and training facility to a property in Frisco called the Dallas Star. Dr. Pepper is also relocating their main office to Frisco, right next to the Dallas Cowboys headquarters, and Uber is working to launch a fleet of unmanned flying drones to transport people to the DFW airport. The first place in the world was Dubai, the second will be Frisco.

How has the company grown since its inception?

We started as Texas Home Design, a commercial painting company, in 2006. We moved into full-service general contracting, new construction and handling large loss insurance claims for many of our clients.  Through referrals we gained more clients and expanded into projects and restorations for various properties including multifamily and commercial spaces across the states of Texas and Oklahoma.

As of April 2016, Texas had a little over $2 billion in losses from multiple hailstorms. Many property management companies we had worked with asked us to assist with their overwhelming insurance claims, so in 2016, we took on restoration and reconstruction work representing more than $15 million in insurance losses.  In 2017, we began building SPEC homes and retail centers as a general contractor. By 2018, we absorbed a Texas-based development group who had built over a half billion dollars of real estate, including SPEC homes, office spaces and commercial retail and industrial spaces. By the end of that year, we brought a full support staff on board (including 150 construction techs across the state) and we have been successfully working together for over a year now.

What separates you from other professionals in your industry?

I had a successful career as one of the top mixed martial arts fighters in the world before starting my business, and many of the lessons I learned help me be a better real estate developer.  For example, all people matter.  I treat everyone I meet with the same respect.  I take time to stop, shake hands and talk.  I also learned to seek out people who naturally gel with me, people who are on the same wavelength.  That synergy makes work fun and it can be the difference between a mediocre project and a great one.  Without sounding cliché, I enjoy what I do. I really love it, so it doesn’t feel like work. Something else that drives me is being told “NO” or “you can’t or should not do that”; my personality type is to kick the door in and hit the ground running. I also surround myself with talented people that I can trust. I genuinely care about my team and the culture I breed is a safe, supportive environment, which is why people enjoy working for me.  Every quarter, we bring everyone together across the state and we host a get together and party with some giveaways and prizes.  I always give thanks and remember it is because of them that I am here.

How do you see your business expanding in the future?

We have a new development under contract with Property Halo Development.  This project coined “Three Corners Plaza” include a $31 million budget, 26-acre development in Frisco that includes retail space, a 25,000 square foot Texas Family Fitness space and a gas station, plus roughly five acres of pad sites. What really stands out about the Property Halo Team is that they have been able to generate commitments for pre-leases and sale almost 50% of this site before breaking ground. This site is less than 4 blocks from a brand new, state of the art Prosper High School that will be opening in 2020. We are in the process of raising capital and closely monitoring the pulse on off-market deals in Frisco for future endeavors close the PGA Headquarters. I always knew that at some point we would grow into a multi-faceted development company and every day I get a kick out of seeing how our hard work and dedication have brought that plan to fruition.  We are really just getting started; the future holds so many possibilities and opportunities for us to make our mark on real estate development.

Aron G. Lofton


THD Partners

Property Halo Development

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