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Arsalan Hayatdavoodi


The founder and owner of Hayat Family Law and Mediation Offices, Attorney Arsalan Hayatdavoodi, holds extensive experience in litigation, mediation, research, and collaborative law. Professionalism, high quality, efficiency, and impeccable customer service are the main pillars of his law firm. It is his mission to ensure that each of his clients have nothing but a stellar experience when coming to him for help. His clients appreciate his dedication to efficiently getting to the point of judgment by seeking to find a solution through mediation instead of litigation. When working on a family law case, he never fails to sympathize with his clients and remains aware to the fact that he is representing both adults and children in stressful situations.


Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Hayat Family Law and Mediation Offices specializes in divorce and family law cases throughout Los Angeles County. They handle cases involving prenuptial agreements, child custody, and guardianship. In addition, they focus on property issues and other financial aspects of divorce such as income available for child support and spousal support. Arsalan frequently represents parties in high asset cases entailing significant property that must be divided between family members or divorcees.


According to Arsalan, one of the main characteristics that sets him apart from other family law attorneys is the amount of work and diligence he puts into every case. He works directly with his clients to determine the most efficient and effective way to reach their goals. A major strong point is his ability to push litigation forward even if the other party is unresponsive. He thinks of his clients as members of his family and treats all cases as if they were his own. He is also passionate about the discovery portion of cases and is extremely adept in dealing with the financial aspects of cases. Consequently, Arsalan does not believe in any short cuts and goes out of his way to give each case a complete 100% effort.


Because Arsalan speaks Persian (Farsi), a portion of his clientele is Persian as well. The firm continues to serve a diverse range of clients throughout Los Angeles County as well as across the state.


Prior to becoming a lawyer, Arsalan worked as a real estate developer, where he was building residential subdivision projects throughout Southern California. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from California Polytechnic State University (San Luis Obispo) as well as a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of California. He also received the Congressional Order of Merit two years in a row. Arsalan entered law school, where he won the Witkins Award and graduated with his Juris Doctorate degree from the Western State College of Law in Irvine, California.


After being admitted to the bar, Arsalan obtained his certificate of specialization in business law and began doing litigation. However, he soon made the decision to transition over into family law where he worked as a court appointed mediator and was able to resolve over 80% of the cases to which he was appointed.


Arsalan later gained significant experience while being involved in high asset divorce cases and won over $30 million in assets through high asset litigation cases. He has also worked with a private firm called the Law Help Center. During his two years there, he attended over 500 hearings and led over 20 trials. Arsalan now has his own practice where he remains committed to assisting clients in need of representation.



Arsalan Hayatdavoodi

Founder & Owner

Hayat Family Law & Mediation Offices

100 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 700

Santa Monica, California 90401



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