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Ashley Appears in the

2019 Top 100 People in Finance and The Top 50 Women of 2019

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Ashley Elsner 
Founder/CEO, artery Inc.

Ashley Elsner used the extensive operations and law experience that she gained while working in a financial regulatory law group, along with her years of comprehensive financial tech experience and advanced education, to found artery Inc. 

artery Inc. provides easy, low-cost banking alternatives and digital transaction services using blockchain, ultimately helping business owners who operate in cash heavy or high-risk industries such as the cannabis market, to safely and legally conduct transactions free from the risks associated with cash.

Blockchain is often referred to as the world's most trusted all-in-one encryption technology. Ashley explains, “artery is a blockchain-based payment system that uses smart contracts, which are pegged to the US dollar, eliminating volatility and allowing absolute liquidity. The payment service can be compared to PayPal. It is basically an electronic wallet that backs into the banking system.”

Ashley’s enviable career began soon after her completion of a BA in political science at the prestigious Yale University. She first accepted a position with Sidley Austin's financial regulatory group based in New York City. There, she gained invaluable knowledge of back-office operations by working with hundreds of financial institutions and acquired hands-on experience conducting the state and SEC compliance reporting for investment funds, interfacing with fund administrators and general counsel. 

After acquiring a good foundation of financial institution regulations, Ashley transitioned into a role with Bessemer Venture Partners, where she was a key member of their legal and operations team, responsible for the coordination of transaction processes for investments along with process development for international transactions and compliance.

Operating within financial institution law and operations led Ashley to enroll in Northwestern University School of Law and Kellogg School of Management, where she earned JD and MBA degrees in finance, entrepreneurship and innovation, and health enterprise management. Ashley shares, “My primary focus in graduate school was the intersection of law and economics.” Quite impressively, while she was simultaneously attending both business and law school, she co-founded Greenshoe Asset Management, an online hedge fund investment platform, where she was the Vice President of Operations. Ashley explains that Greenshoe was developed because she and her partners were passionate about the potential of financial technology's ability to transform how people engage in the financial space. The goal of the business was to connect newly accredited investors with emerging investment managers.

Ashley further elaborates, “All of my education and experience ultimately pointed me to the path that I was most interested in; how financial technology can broaden access and alleviate the back-office work overload, which is extremely common in financial institutions.” She adds, “With everything in finance predicated on background legal and compliance tasks, people may not have the most efficient methods or understanding of how to optimize FI operations. The solution has to be extremely precise.”

To that end, the team at artery Inc. offers highly valuable financial technology tools that reduce workloads and costs while improving performance and accuracy. Under Ashley’s astute guidance, the firm will continue to grow and improve as trends develop.

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Ashley Elsner

CEO and Founder of artery Inc.

artery Inc.

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