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Barbie Garcia

If anyone has a question about real estate law in Florida, Barbie Garcia has an answer. As one of the few attorneys who is board certified in this legal area, she’s dedicated her entire 22-year career to learning the ins and outs of the industry for high-end residential and commercial clients. Real estate is a multifaceted industry, but Barbie’s knowledge and experience is diverse and deep, and ever broadening from board recertification every five years. As a result, she’s always informed on the latest in real estate laws, trends, and evolutions. It’s allowed her to become known as a trusted expert to agents, firms, investors, and other attorneys. As a sole practitioner for the last 13 years and the founder of BG Law in Coral Gables, Florida, she works alongside an associate attorney and two assistants in a boutique firm that focuses exclusively on real estate, providing clients with high-touch, personalized attention for all legal matters.

Her experience includes association and developer representation, which sees her guiding boards through day-to-day operations and developers through new projects, and she’s expanding her estate planning services. She also provides representation for commercial clients with industrial and multifamily properties in addition to family offices, bringing her global understanding of the complexities of this particular legal area to provide bespoke solutions that address their specific needs—and that’s where Barbie, with her wealth of knowledge, excels.

Barbie’s ever-growing knowledge of real estate is perhaps rivaled only by her knowledge of Florida. Her intimate knowledge of local areas, neighborhoods, and communities is an invaluable asset for those looking to relocate, and provides them with a warm, personalized welcome to the Sunshine State. It’s that level of attention to detail and congeniality for which she is known—and exactly what has kept people coming back to her time and again for real estate legal advice they can trust. And in this ever-changing field, Barbie is always excited to take on a new challenge and find a creative solution designed to benefit her clients. “Every transaction is different,” she says. “There are nuances to every deal, and the versatility is really what drives me.”



Barbie Garcia

Attorney —BG Law, P.A.


LinkedIn: Barbie Garcia

Instagram: @barbiegarcialaw

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