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Ben Offit, CFP®

Connecting money with purpose is a key motivator for Certified Financial Planner® Ben Offit. “Many people save but don’t utilize it to enrich their lives,” he states. “At the end of the day, we want to help clients enjoy their lives and make a positive impact.” Named to Fortune magazine’s list of Top Wealth Managers Under 40, Ben has been a 5 Star Wealth Manager since 2017. He’s also been recognized as one of Baltimore magazine’s Leaders in Finance. As principal of Offit Advisors, Ben works with clients on financial planning, investment management, tax planning, and insurance planning. “We have an expansive network and are always looking for ways to build bridges and enhance opportunities for our clients and partners,” he shares.

For business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as retirees and young professionals alike, Offit Advisors takes a proactive approach with their proACTION Planning Process™. Their ability to think outside the box and continually deliver new ways to create better outcomes for their clients serves to differentiate Ben and his team from the pack—as does his bigger goal. “I’ve always felt that my mission in life has been to make the world a better place,” he states. “Our platform has the ability to make a generational impact for years to come, and what we do has a ripple effect on people, businesses, and communities.”

Ben served as chairman of FPA in Maryland and is a founding member of the TERP Entrepreneur Network.


Ben Offit, CFP®

Principal — Offit Advisors 


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