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Blake and Caleb appear in the Top 100 

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Blake Casagrande and Caleb Hensley

Meet Blake Casagrande and Caleb Hensley, the co-founders of C4 Industrial Solutions. This dynamic duo are the driving force behind this groundbreaking company, each playing an equally instrumental role in shaping its remarkable success.

Blake, the CEO, and Caleb, the COO, have a unique synergy built on 40 years of combined experience. This combination of talent and expertise allows them to surpass the typical limitations of ‘manufacturing consultants’ and provide businesses with valuable strategic insights that empower them to address challenges effectively, enhance operational efficiency, and seize emerging opportunities.

Founded in May of 2022 and based just outside of St. Louis, MO, C4 Industrial Solutions has made a remarkable impact in the manufacturing industry by offering world-class implementations of maintenance systems and serving as a comprehensive resource for its customers. Their non-traditional approach has proven effective, with C4 achieving triple revenues since its inception two years ago. 

In this Q&A with Blake and Caleb, we explore the insights and strategies that have propelled C4 Industrial Solutions to new heights.

First, can you tell us what motivated you both to establish your company, C4 Industrial Solutions?

Caleb:  We simply identified a clear industry need. Blake and I met on a job site and immediately connected over our shared entrepreneurial spirit, harmonious mindset and aligned goals. Our aim was to redefine the consulting landscape and set higher standards, while working with companies to create genuine, long-term value and sustainability. While other consulting firms may dabble in maintenance, reliability, and sustainability, we’ve created a one-stop shop for all facets of manufacturing, offering a comprehensive range of services.

C4 Industrial Solutions has achieved remarkable growth within its first two years. What sets the company apart and makes it so distinctive?

Blake: One key differentiator lies in our versatile and agile team, adapting swiftly as we navigate through various processes. Although others may offer solutions for established procedures, we provide a unique blend of innovation and creativity. Our utilization of AR/VR tools enhances employee experiences and streamlines operations. Furthermore, actively engaging in hands-on testing allows us to develop innovative methods for optimizing diverse processes.

Caleb: Our careers did not begin in management; instead, we started from the ground up, learning the intricacies of industry firsthand in a variety of roles. This dual perspective sets C4 apart, as we have earned our stripes the hard way.  This breadth of knowledge enables us to offer unique perspectives and solutions to our clients.

Can you share an example of one of the most challenging or unique projects your team has undertaken?

Blake: One project that stands out was our work at a refinery for one of our largest clients. The primary challenge was a significant lack of readily available information. To address this hurdle while maintaining project timelines, we devised a unique process harnessing the newest technology to gather essential data comprehensively. We strategically divided various plant areas among our team, ensuring we obtained all critical information necessary to fulfill requirements. This adaptability and creativity not only led to a successful project but also deepened our client relationship, a testament to our team's resilience and problem-solving skills.

Both of you share a passion for reinvigorating American manufacturing and supporting U.S. military veterans. Could you explain why this mission is so important to you?

Blake: Transitioning from military life to civilian life can be a significant challenge. In the military, your day is meticulously structured with clear directives. When veterans transition, they often face uncertainty and a lack of structure. We wanted to provide them with training, support, and opportunities for a successful future beyond the military.

Caleb, you didn't serve in the military, but will you share your perspective on this mission?

Caleb: While I didn't serve in the military personally, I witnessed the sacrifices my father and grandfather made for our country, influencing my commitment to American manufacturing and supporting our veterans. Our core values are rooted in strengthening American manufacturing, creating jobs in the U.S., and giving back to veterans. We're seeking partnerships with companies that share our dedication to supporting veterans, recognizing that if they are protecting our nation, we will do everything we can to bolster what they're defending.

What would you consider to be your most significant professional achievements?

Blake: A few accomplishments stand out. First, working offshore for Shell Exploration and Production. Additionally, launching the first biogas refineries of their kind in northern Missouri was a significant achievement in sustainability. Building a profitable business with a sustainable model alongside Caleb has been immensely rewarding. Lastly, being part of the team that patented an ink chiller system in Panama City, Panama, designed for can manufacturing, was a unique and valuable contribution to the industry.

Caleb: I'm particularly proud of where I came from. Starting in the coal fields of West Virginia, making the transition into manufacturing, earning my engineering degree, to founding my own consulting company.  Bringing C4 Industrial Solutions to life, and witnessing its growth has been a fulfilling professional journey.

Could you share details about your educational background?

Blake: I pursued my education at Harvard Business School, where I focused on organizational leadership and financial analytics.

Caleb: I obtained a Bachelor of Science in industrial management and applied engineering from Southern Illinois University. Additionally, I hold certifications in Lean Six Sigma, Green Belt, EMT-M, OSHA 30-Hour Safety Professional, and Better Process Control, enriching my knowledge and expertise in various fields.

Blake Casagrande, CEO and Co-Founder


Caleb Hensley, COO and Co-Founder


C4 Industrial Solutions


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