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Brian Briscoe conducting a unit inspection at the Eleanor Rigby Apartments. This unit was recently vacated and is currently for lease. It is in amazing condition as you can see by the photos. The kitchen has solid-surface counters and stainless steel appliances, including dishwasher, fridge, microwave, oven, and stove. 

Brian Briscoe


Brian Briscoe, the founder and CEO of Streamline Capital Group, is a visionary leader who has carved a remarkable path in the world of multifamily real estate investing. With a commitment to long-term growth and cash flow for his investors, Brian has been a driving force behind the success of Streamline Capital Group, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.


A seasoned fund manager and investor, Brian's journey in real estate began when he co-founded his first real estate investment firm, a company that quickly gained recognition in the Southeastern U.S. Here, Brian played a pivotal role as the lead sponsor, asset manager, capital raiser, and key principal on these properties, showcasing his exceptional skills and dedication.  After retiring from the U.S. Marines, Brian then  set his sights on replicating his success and founded Streamline Capital Group. As a multifamily operator and investor, Brian has owned nearly 1400 units, valued at over $140 million.


Streamline Capital Group has thrived under Brian's visionary leadership. The company specializes in buying and managing apartments, delivering high-risk adjusted returns to its investors. Focusing primarily on the Greater Salt Lake City metro area, Streamline Capital Group distinguishes itself by adopting a long-term investment approach. While most companies in the apartment investing industry opt for shorter investment timeframes, typically 3-5 years, Streamline Capital Group takes a different route. Brian's team holds onto properties for an extended duration, enabling investors to build substantial wealth through a continuous stream of income. The Group's unique strategy involves the acquisition of value-add properties, followed by strategic refinancing to swiftly return investors' capital, and then holding the investment long-term for passive income and equity growth. This approach, combined with Brian's unwavering dedication to his investors' financial success, has made Streamline Capital Group a trusted name in the real estate investment industry.


In addition to his role at Streamline Capital Group, Brian is the host of the Diary of an Apartment Investor podcast. This program has become a valuable resource for individuals seeking insights into the world of apartment investing, as Brian shares his wealth of knowledge and experiences with a global audience. Beyond the podcast, Brian's commitment to education and mentorship led him to establish the Tribe of Titans, a multifamily educational community. This platform offers a unique blend of subscription-based content access and individual coaching, providing aspiring investors with the tools and knowledge needed to build their own successful apartment investing business. With Brian's guidance, over 300 Tribe of Titans members have embarked on their journey to financial freedom.


We spoke with Brian to learn more about his motivation to start Streamline Capital Group and why, through Tribe of Titans and his wildly popular podcast, he freely shares his experience to assist others in pursuing a career in real estate investment.


Brian, what inspired you to start Streamline Capital?


In 2019, while still serving in the Marine Corps, I found myself looking for a way to scale my real estate investments beyond single-family homes in order to build wealth and generate passive income. During that time, I co-founded an apartment investing company that acquired 629 units with a combined purchase price close to $40 million. Simultaneously, I assisted others in investing over $10 million into these ventures, yielding an average annualized ROI of around 20% for our investors. When I retired from the Marine Corps and returned to my hometown of Salt Lake City, I decided to establish Streamline Capital. I wanted to leverage my experience and the success of my previous company while also pursuing my passion for my hometown.


Can you tell us more about The Tribe of Titans? It was designed to help novice and experienced real estate investors achieve their goals, is that right?


Absolutely. The Tribe of Titans is a platform tailored to support both novice and experienced real estate investors in reaching their objectives. It offers an affordable subscription model along with individual coaching. When I started Tribe of Titans, I took a different approach from similar platforms that charged significantly higher rates. My goal was to make it accessible to everyone. Currently, our subscriptions are just $60 per month, and the feedback from our members, who had previously paid for pricier subscriptions, has been overwhelmingly positive. In addition to our subscription model, we introduced individual coaching last March, which comes in an annual package. Furthermore, we plan to expand our offerings in the next six to eight months, introducing a lower-priced group coaching option for sessions of 15 people and a premier content tier that includes everything our coaching clients have access to, minus the meetings.


Tell us about your podcast, The Diary of an Apartment Investor.


The Diary of an Apartment Investor is a unique podcast that serves as an extension of Tribe of Titans. Unlike most podcasts that feature interviews with single investors, our show brings two individuals onto each episode—a seasoned investor and someone aspiring to enter the field. We begin by interviewing the experienced investor, followed by a live Q&A session where the aspiring investor gets to ask anything they desire. It's essentially a mentorship on a podcast. This format resonates well with newer investors because the questions posed during the show often mirror those of our audience. Over the past three years, we've produced over 400 episodes with approximately 500 downloads per episode, accumulating over 250,000 downloads since our inception.


Your desire to help better the lives of others has been a profound driver throughout your career, from your investors to your employees, the residents of your buildings, to communities across the area. Why is this important to you?


I believe it's rooted in my upbringing and the principle of giving before receiving. My faith, as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, has also played a significant role in shaping this perspective. Additionally, my worldview was profoundly influenced when, at 19 years old, I spent two years on a mission in Chile with the church. There, I encountered people living in dire poverty, which left a lasting impact on me. Having witnessed extreme poverty in various parts of the world during my military service, improving the lives of others is at the core of my personal and professional mission.


Brian Briscoe
Founder and CEO: Streamline Capital Group
Founder: Tribe of Titans
Founder and Host: Diary of an Apartment Investor podcast


Various members of the Tribe of Titans at a multifamily investment conference at "The Linq" in Las Vegas in April 2023, where they were one of the event sponsors. From left to right: Rachael Jones, Justice Doughtery, John Burg, Brian Briscoe, Scott Matthews, Sara Rico, Steve Martinez

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